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Oleh Lyashko: We can make nuclear missiles

Oleh Lyashko: We can make nuclear missiles

The Ukrainian politician believes that his country needs to restore its nuclear status.

Loss of nuclear status — one of the fatal mistakes of Ukraine. However, the country can now restore this status, because there are all prerequisites. This was stated by the leader of the Ukrainian radical party, Oleg Lyashko in his interview to the edition “Today”.

Олег Ляшко: Мы способны сделать ядерные ракеты
Photo: RIA “Novosti”

— I insist, and not once spoke to the President and Secretary of the national security Council, and with the Prime Minister: Ukraine should play it safe to begin work on the resumption of nuclear potential of the country. We have all the possibilities. We have a scientific school, uranium, development, Yuzhmash, we are able to make nuclear missiles, he said.

The politician believes that instead of a full refused from nuclear weapons in the 90-ies of the last century, Ukraine was necessary to retain strategic nuclear weapons, because “it costs less, and it is not aimed at America.”

Note, Ukraine is nuclear-free state by Constitution. However, the topic of the possible development of nuclear weapons programs regularly arises in public discussion of the Republic. In particular, during the election debates, the incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also stated that the renunciation of nuclear weapons was a mistake, and expressed his conviction that Ukraine does not have enough tactical bombers with appropriate ammunition.

Later the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine said that it plans to acquire weapons of Ukraine in the long term is not. Ex-Minister of defence of the Republic also expressed confidence that Ukraine will renounce its non-nuclear status, if the military “will not be able to defend their country”.



I think that as soon as …….the Russian specials.Nizovtsev they will see in Kiev! And our leaders after such statements you need to understand that it’s really not necessary to wait and to help push Ukraine to collapse! And remember these statements when the hell someone in this country will be talking about unified Ukraine!! And what we need to help Ukraine with gas so that she remained still and money to the war in the Donbass! Because of your kindness you can get a really a nuclear strike!
Remember how Israel bombed Iran to not create nuclear weapons?And how many times?What the world community lisped about this?Now so we don’t have to do the same the best time to deal with the funeral of a United Ukraine! Especially quickly after such statements!

It’s time to wipe the closed eye!At least after this statement and to treat it seriously and make appropriate conclusions! And to understand that Ukraine has long been the enemy!And the enemy is not..please help..destroy the Enemy or he will destroy you..I understand someone smart will immediately cry little Ukraine and big Russia!And that means a lot of the time we are his people we are not sorry?Let the enemies regret?

Here are many here say there is nothing to listen to this fool…why?To listen..And always need to analyze!

There is a Russian proverb.That drunk on language, then a sober mind! And you’re the Lyashk discuss…But other because “smart” can be?

Yes a smart man listened to the chatter of the drunk with his innermost thoughts will draw a conclusion! I hope we too will draw conclusions and see the real picture and not dreams of “brothers – Bandera”..

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