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Older brother Fidel Castro Ramon died at 92-year life

Старший брат Фиделя Кастро Рамон скончался на 92-м году жизни

In 92-m to year of life died the eldest of the brothers Castro Ramon. On Tuesday evening, told the Cuban television.

Reportedly, brother of the famous Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro died on the morning of February 23.

Ramón Castro RUz (1924-2016) was one of the key figures of the Cuban revolution, collaborated with the Movement July 26, in charge of the supply of arms and provisions to the revolutionaries. After the victory of 1959 was engaged in agriculture, held high positions in the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of sugar. He owned a great number of agricultural initiatives. Awarded the title of Hero of labour of the Republic of Cuba.

It should be noted that the Fidel Castro this year marks 90 years.

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