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Картина маслом

The Russians choose the design for the new banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles

The rapidly growing number of participants in the contest to select symbols for the new Russian banknotes in denomination of 200 and 2000 rubles, and have already crossed over half a million. Summarizing will take place in a live TV channel “Russia 1″ on October 7. News about new bills of the Internet-users embraced with enthusiasm and many are only offered symbols of their cities, but also painted them. .<url>” I studied folk art and find out what they want to see on new banknotes people from different cities of Russia.

Simon, cat Sailor and POF-CE

From June 28 to vote on the portal your-Russia.Russia was attended by almost 600 thousand people from more than a thousand cities; by vote offered more than 4000 characters, and 23 of them have been put in the shortlist for the first stage of the competition.

One of the most active participants in the vote were residents of the Far East, with the support of musicians Ilya Lagutenko and Diana Arbenina, and famous cosmonauts Valentina Tereshkova and Alexei Leonov, “advancing” to the site of two landmark object of the native land — the Golden bridge in Vladivostok and the Eastern spaceport in the Amur region.

However, this calm is not going to the far East and continue “to create” new symbols that have passed the test of time and public recognition. And while some draw on new banknotes the famous Vladivostok’s funicular running even under Khrushchev as a “response to the trams of San Francisco”, others offer to place on the money became a cult steamed cakes POF-CE: two decades ago, this local fast food has become a real gastronomic symbol of Vladivostok.



Картина маслом

Residents of Vladivostok will be placed on the bill the cat Sailor (at the top picture on the left), hero of social media citizen Seeds (the top picture on the right) and steamed cakes POF-CE (bottom picture)


To perpetuate on the bills and offer “national heroes” — for example, fish ate delicacies for 60 thousand rubles a cat Sailor and the hero of social media citizen Seeds, recently decided to become it works.

Mammoth from Voronezh

At least large-scale campaign to promote their characters launched to residents of Voronezh. The symbols of their city, however, has still not appeared on the website your-Russia.Russia, but, it seems, solely because of the large number of proposals. Here and black earth, and born in Voronezh writer Andrey Platonov, and even the mammoth, it turns out that in the Voronezh region is one of the most famous in the country museums Kostenki, a village of the same name is named after the locals found bones of extinct animal.



Картина маслом

Mammoth bills have become a symbol of the reserve Kostenki


And Voronezh is famous for its unusual monuments, which can also get on the bill. Residents have already suggested set the Voronezh sculptors of his own money a monument to White BIM the of the novel of Gabriel Troepolskogo or character of the cartoon “the kitten in the street lizyukova.

Big cities are saying “Yes!”

Large-scale action in support of their characters unfolded and the other cities of Russia. For example, in Perm building of the Perm art gallery on new bills propose to amend the Northern bee — one of the symbols of the Western Urals. So beekeepers call honey bees of Central Russian (dark forest) species, which is considered the most productive and enduring in the world.



Картина маслом

In Ryazan the main face of the new banknotes propose to make of Sergei Yesenin


And in Ryazan the face of the new banknotes propose to make of Sergei Yesenin, after all, in the village Konstantinovo Ryazan region is the Museum-reserve of the poet — one of the largest Museum complexes of the country.

In Murmansk believe that the bill is necessary to put a monument to the defenders of the Soviet Arctic, and from Novosibirsk for a place on the banknotes will compete Bugrinskij bridge in Novosibirsk state academic theatre of Opera and ballet.



Картина маслом

In Murmansk on bills want to put a monument to the defenders of the Soviet Arctic


Petitions designs new roubles actively promoting and other cities on the website Change.org. The inhabitants of Yakutsk are offered to portray the featured monument to the founder of the city Peter Beketov on the background of the old jail and mammoth, Bryansk believe that on the bills it is necessary to place local symbols of military glory.

6155 roubles and Philosoraptor

But many users followed the example of Maxim magazine and made my own version of notes, which, however, is unlikely to take part in the competition.

On the face of the proposed magazine bill appeared Bruce Willis which winks when you change the angle of view, and she the banknote is printed on edible paper and tastes like banana.

The user of “Vkontakte” immediately offered two options should look like the bills 200 and 2000 rubles.

The first of these famous meme Runet — doubting dinosaur Philosoraptor very well fit into the color scheme of the banknote. The original picture of a dinosaur appeared in 2011, and netizens began to think to her funny signature, in which the reptile is in doubt in many of life’s truths. Located on the back entrance to the tragically famous “Jurassic Park” let me remind all citizens of Russia about the danger of genetic games with mother nature.

Lovers of Pets obviously will appeal to a diarchy of the famous “harsh” and “aggressive” lions on the second bill. On the reverse is a reminder of what not to forget to feed their Pets, otherwise they will turn into a mad cat on the watermark.

The option of the user of the website Yaplakal demonstrates native Russian bear and the possibility to combine tradition and progress. The latter clearly symbolizes man, fend off a formidable predator with a club.

Картина маслом


The heroes, not you

Options for new denominations to actively send the mail to the competition. For example, Maxim from Krasnodar has proposed to put for 200 roubles the Kuban Cossacks and the endless fields with ears.

Картина маслом



And a certain Sergei, being a “creative person of the warehouse who wish to contribute in the Affairs of state,” suggested one of the most original layouts. On one side is “symbolizing Russia” three heroes, because their “struggle against evil spirits” — that is, “what is happening at this time.”



Картина маслом



“Besides, everyone knows the saying “Who with a sword to us will come — by the sword shall die” says that Russia, though peaceful and friendly country, and suggests a “do not touch the bear.” As for the bear, you can make a 2D image which changes when tilted in the image,” sums up the creative inventory.

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