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Notes Colorada. Greetings from brotherly people on the Day of defender of the Fatherland

Записки Колорада. Поздравления от братского народа с Днем защитника Отечества

Greetings, dear readers! From all his wide soul welcome. There would be a possibility, and even the table was laid. Anyway the holidays are coming. Our then, those who are near us, while living, do not celebrate. And we, the cockroaches, the conservatives. For us that soaked together with soldiers and then driven through the soldier’s boots – Holy.

Not to pull – I Congratulate you all with our holiday! Day of real men! Happy real women. Those who for their country not only someone else’s throat is chewed through, but your skin will not regret it! Those who protects her and not pounding on them from “Gradov”. Health To You! Good luck in your business! Tarakanchik favorite Cockroaches and responsible! And a lot of small little prawn! So the house is always someone crawled, marched, holding mom’s hand, smashed a commemorative vase that throw hand is not raised. To happiness in your home lived!

Many have noticed that a Cockroach was something to be lazy. Readers like waiting for Monday and no notes. So because of that, and was not what we thought. Thought of many things.

Ukraine, to put it mildly, does not like the Prime Minister. A little less, but the same applies to the President. About the costumes Poroshenko even “sliders” kindergarten joke. Wrinkled and stuff… And you try to this rhythm… to ask. Indeed, not costumes.

Now. What were we thinking? Oddly enough, on independence. Not about not Nezalezhnosti. For this word today in polite society you can and… Well, where to get, get. And we thought. How is it that the Ukrainian President had received direct instructions from Western ambassadors. Senya not to touch! And here in the Parliament to direct criticism going. ! And the most zealous generally for a vote of no confidence in the government to Express.

Well, nothing. Was – live the Ukraine! We sat and talked and parted. And all even. Pairs released. The instruction has executed. People amused. In democracy played.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed that I congratulated you and not on behalf of the Ukrainian people, and on behalf of the cockroaches? And you know why? Yes, because our scientists have finally resolved the issue, brothers Ukrainians are Russian or not. Today, on any resource, in any edition be sure to have materials about this most notorious fraternity. And spears break scientists, ignorant, right, left, blue, green, can’t remember all of your subsections. But the cockroaches decided. We have a question is closed forever!

Russians and Ukrainians are not brothers! They never have been. It’s the same people. But with their “quirks”. And this is normal for Russia. Put a Russian from Arkhangelsk, Kuban and Novosibirsk. Well, a Ukrainian from Kharkiv. In national costumes. With his accent. And there is still so loved us Buryats or Tatars. And how? There are differences of Russian? Yes no. All different and all… the Russians.

That’s why I welcomed You on behalf of roach brotherly people of Ukraine. As they say some of our radicals, soon only we will stay in these territories. The rest is a direct path to their historic homeland. Or in our land. Anyone lucky.

Today I decided to tell you about our research. Moreover, knowing that some don’t believe cockroaches Ukrainian, and some Russian, for example, take American studies. If anyone is interested, read The Verge. There’s ours in the sense of cockroaches, the lot.

“Cockroach, no doubt, is a follower of Machiavelli treatise “the Prince”: it is easier and safer, when his fear than love. According the infamous Florentine thinker, love is changeable, but the fear of punishment remains constant. And of course, my fear of cockroaches and stands steadfast” — ceremonially begins his ode to the cockroach Lauren Grash. One of our …

“Simply put, the cockroach in all possible ways proves that he is superior to us. This is an insect of the suborder of cockroaches have lived on Earth for over 300 million years. Lives and quite successfully all experiencing. When 65 million years ago on Earth plopped down an asteroid with a diameter of 10 kilometers, he killed the dinosaurs and almost all life on our planet. But the cockroach remained. Mean nothing to him glacial periods and shifts of the continents. He saw it all — and many will see”.

Two years I look at what is happening in Ukraine. Two years writing about it. Two years see the systematic murder of the country. But as you can see, the fate of the cockroach people. Empires emerge and collapse, appearing and disappearing mammoths, houses, destroyed the city, and we live and look at all this. Look at the “pinnacle of evolution” and understand that it is the next “dinosaurs”. It is even possible that the “asteroid” will not wait. Themselves organize. Good head and share all sorts of tools for destruction.

And we? And we will live. Why? The answer, again based on studies of Americans.

1. The cockroach is itself antiseptic. In the tissues of an insect discovered molecules with antibacterially action. When you experiment with fragments of infected human tissue samples cockroach flesh destroyed almost one hundred percent of a population of Staphylococcus aureus, does not harm human cells.

Won’t tell you about swine flu. All these Eboli and other things. How many men have died of the flu in Ukraine? How many deaths will take the next leap in agricultural technologies? The Russians still remember American thighs. From hens that became “pigs” in three months. A couple of shots and all. Eat dear people.

Of course, humanity has invented drugs. A lot of drugs. All. From runny nose and diarrhea. Cough and headache. What? You can buy these medications can not. There is no money. And drugs mostly for moral satisfaction. Especially here in Ukraine.

2. A cockroach can live without head. However, within only ten days until you begin to die from dehydration. The nerve cells of the cockroach are located throughout the body, so the head is, in fact, is the only insect with a frightening accessory, which he eats. Her absence will not affect the quality of these last ten days of roach life.

And people? The fact that most head has indeed become the place where is situated the mouth, fact. The human brain is somehow shut down. Not all, but most. So, why do you head then? Probably like us. To thirst not to die in the TV glow.

The human logic we do not understand. To kill to get you to love? To destroy the house that people want to live near you? Hate premiere again to give him the reins of government? To destroy the factories, the entire economy of the country, the state became rich?

You won’t find too much in common we became? No? Then it is possible to read comments to articles on the “Review”.

3. The cockroach is a machine. Even his stomach has teeth, with which it will recycle any substance, which will be eaten for lack of really edible alternatives. It is the tree and the concrete. Many of the bodies are interchangeable in case of failure. The cockroach, for example, can smell a mustache and “hear” the surface of the body.

People, you only have to learn this. Judging by the fact that today is grown and how it is treated to ensure that it was kept. And concrete, with hunger also food. However, it is doubtful to me that learn. Rather, get ready to meet dinosaurs. If you don’t obey.

Today in Kiev one of the most common crimes by their roots grew from the siege of Leningrad. There, when the city was under siege by the Germans, were such scum that pulled out rations of bread hunger in malnourished residents. In Kiev, however, people are not exhausted to an extent. Yes and not rip out 125-gram ration of bread. Rip packets of food at supermarkets. I wonder who blocked the town? Where are these “Germans”?

4. The cockroach is actually elusive and impossible to escape. One second he manages 25 times to change a trajectory of movement or to run a distance of 50 times the length of its body. And in the cockroach eye 2000 lens that is two thousand times greater than that of the human eye.

Therefore you have to write to people that are visible to everyone. And not the lenses fault. Not your eyes “blind”. It the brain. Who disconnects. And now “works” only to the spinal cord. Man, how is that even uneducated peasants showed the ATO, the substance is absolutely not fit for war. Only to life. Your body consists of weaknesses. What to write there. You a solid “weak spot”. So why do you kill each other?

5. Cockroaches — the Champions of the ultra-high-speed reproduction. They will never have demographic problems as their females can lay 2 million eggs a year.

Yes. Here we are “cool” and sex maniacs. And you? How many families broke up after the ATO soldiers returned home? How many families disappeared from the fact that the husband simply did not come back? Many women simply will not become mothers due to the physical absence of men?

Unlike our tarakanchik, human woman per year can give birth to one, just one child. You will disappear faster than you know it. Who can now say that Ukrainian women give birth more than a year? No. Women understand that birth and raised is different things. The child is not a Thistle. It requires not only attention, but also food, clothing, medical care and other things, other things, other things. But in your society it all costs money. UAH, woodlouse it. And UAH. And is not expected.

There is no work. Loopholes to look for jobs abroad cover. The garden is saved only himself. To sell it becomes harder and harder. Yes, you be not even in first thousand of Champions in breeding. Impotent from the head.

6. The cockroach — the perfect biological weapon. These insects can destroy a competing population, transferring deadly diseases like dysentery or viral hepatitis. They even do it with frightening special effects: thanks to a special secret body cockroaches, when a lot of them, emit a noticeable smell of carrion.

Many people have experienced severe persecution. Neighboring “progressive” States destroyed entire cities, regions and States “savages”. Today there is no need to attack the huge armies. Today no need to risk lives of their soldiers. Enough to place any laboratory within the state and to prevent leakage of the biomaterial. And that’s it.

And in our territory such laboratories there are several. The government does not even hide it. Moreover, it is Peremoga. We are ahead of the rest in some sort of research. But, believe me “biological weapons from God”, you are ahead in the queue for movilization. Overseas owners don’t want to risk his men. And the Ukrainians… One more, one less.

Moreover, the most promising sector of our economy that are going to invest, does not require a lot of people. Just 8-10 million and all. I mean the agricultural sector.

7. Cockroaches no longer perceive the poison. They have adapted all of the major chemicals that poisoned humanity. For example, not to notice the legendary and no longer used the drug of DDT have learned more than half of cockroach populations.

We just realized that we with you not on the way. Life on earth is not for those who do not want to live. Life is only for those who live. And people don’t want to live. They say they wish to live. But I don’t want.

Especially in Ukraine. To call the existence of an ordinary Ukrainian life, even the cockroach language is not rotated. And while we sing your “Manimala” daily. We are waiting to die hungry Russians. We wait, when Russia will burst like a soap bubble. And notice that unlike us, the Americans with the Russians very respectful talking. And our new “brother” (Lord, why do you us as orphans did not!) Erdogan really afraid of Russian aircraft.

When Scorpio realizes he’s caught, and no way out, he hits himself in the head with his own stinger. Not because the suicide. And just because it may not be free. Not to be a slave. And we?

Read the social network of Ukraine. 10-15 years ago the word “slave” is generally met only in the historical literature. Was in the history of mankind this period. A long time ago. Today, the “slave” – one of the most popular words in Internet discussions. Somehow reminds me of another example. Who most of all shouts “Hold the thief!”.

8. Roaches really can survive a nuclear catastrophe. Only they didn’t suffer near the epicenters of the explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

And the paragraph I quoted just to remind people. Each reactor at the nuclear power plant is designed to use a specific type of fuel. And he works constantly. It is not the engine of your car. Want – get want – choked. Yes, and “gasoline” in most of these NPP does not burn completely. Remains. And it needs to be taken care of.

In Ukraine today it is going “to put somewhere”. Expensive “to put” to Russia. Here only in those territories where “to go,” exactly are we gonna live on. People out there doing many hundreds of years will do nothing.

Any notes turned out to be… Scientific. And not very festive. But it’s not my fault. Firstly, in Ukraine there is no holiday. And secondly, grieved, to be honest.

I can describe our next Peremogi. The blockade of the Russian ports Ukrainian lorry or in the sea of Azov. Only infection to the infection once does not stick. Mind of our people. And MPs who have had the opportunity to change the government, once again sold us out “Ki”.

Because of this, and wrote about what today think those who still can think. The country is rolling. The country is falling apart. And so today did not take neighboring States, including Russia, to stop the avalanche. It remains to look and shoot “on the phone” the next natural disaster.

But whatever happens, in the territory of former Ukraine have always been, and will live brotherly cockroaches. Why we don’t die, I explained. Will we – will Ukraine. Not what you see today. Another, but will.

In the meantime, you again happy holidays! Take care of your country! Take care of their wives, children, old people! Do not take our idiotic position – My hut on the edge. As it turned out, the first lights up the hut, which is on the edge.

The defenders of the Fatherland, always be ready to defend the country, and then you just will. Good or not – it also depends on you. But let your Fatherland will always be behind your shields!

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