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Not see the Russians of Europe

No, exit visas will not be administered and no iron curtains will not.

Everything will work itself out as it always is, here the life itself dictates new rules.

And they are such that he would not be able to travel to Europe on the cheap, to pay for a modest apartment, and buy groceries in the local supermarket.

Judge for yourself – what swung it for us was Europe, if the butter there is worth as much as 200 rubles.


Не видать россиянам Европы


This time, I was in shock – whether the price in Europe has increased, it if it hurts our pocketbook, but with such prices for eggs (130 rubles per dozen) good-bye scrambled eggs in the morning (not talking about bacon).


Не видать россиянам Европы


Even the most excellent cheese I’m not mentally ready to fly on 1200 roubles for kg. Better prepare myself at home (by the way, there is one retseptik).


Не видать россиянам Европы


Finnish herring with onions of course good – but we are not worse and cheaper (the difference twice at the price).


Не видать россиянам Европы


My favorite snails in garlic sauce – frozen we have also two times cheaper.

Не видать россиянам Европы


Smoked trout Finns know how – who does not try, he lost a lot. But in Russia now there are craftsmen who smoke in their home not making things worse, and so far cheaper.


Не видать россиянам Европы


So that turns out – we can’t afford Europe now?


And so really we need it – with those prices?

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