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Northern Ireland wants to separate from United Kingdom

Северная Ирландия хочет отделиться от ВеликобританииAccording to Northern Irish nationalists, the British government lost the right to represent the interests of Northern Ireland.

The largest nationalist party in Northern Ireland “Sinn féin said the British exit from the European Union will be the basis for a referendum on reunification with Ireland.

“This result [of the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU] dramatically changes the political landscape here in the North of Ireland, and we will strengthen our efforts on the referendum on [General of Ireland] border,” said the party’s Chairman Declan Kearney.

The politician expressed the opinion that the results of a referendum deprived the British government of the right to represent the interests of Northern Ireland in conditions when its inhabitants were in favour of EU membership.

Supporters of a British exit from the European Union, according to preliminary data, has won in a referendum, breaking the barrier of 16.7 million votes. Supporters of Brexit gain of 51.7% of the votes, their opponents, campaigning for membership of the Kingdom in the EU or 48.3%.

At the same time, 55.8% of people of Northern Ireland voted against the UK’s exit from EU “for” vote of 44.2%.

Party “Sinn FEIN” during the existence of the radical groups of the Irish Republican army considered the political wing of this organization.

In December 1921 was signed the peace Treaty between great Britain and Ireland, in which Ireland got dominion status, and in 1949 full independence. Northern Ireland meanwhile remained part of the UK.

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