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Nokia is in no hurry to return to the smartphone market

As is known, the Finnish company Nokia no longer obligated to collect the only smartphone under the brand Microsoft, as appropriate, the restriction was lifted at the beginning of the current year. I mean, she does have a right to flood the market all world cell phones with your own logo on the case, however, two months have passed since the New year, she still hadn’t showed to the public. Today, finally, it became clear that is the reason for this strange behavior.

Everyone thought that Nokia will announce a first for the smartphone yet at CES 2016 in early January, but it seems that soon we with you will have the opportunity to exchange their current gadgets on a touchscreen candy bar from the legendary Finnish manufacturer. According to Rajeev Suri (Rajeev Suri), current CEO of Nokia, his company was not going to return to the market of smart communications with other devices that could be assembled in foreign factories. Nokia intends to reclaim his name, after all, its smartphones of that time was going at its own factories, and most of all appreciated those that were released directly in Finland.

As noted by Mr. Suri, he and his company has already 10 years of the appropriate plan, which was approved in 2014 and have already been executed. What it is, and when Nokia is going to announce its first after such a long break smartphone, we can only guess. One thing is clear: if the Finns are going to delay the release of the first-born of the remaining 8 years, it will be wasted time, because by that time the whole world will finally forget about the Nokia smartphones, and about her.

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