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No time to defeat capitalism

Нет времени победить капитализм

The policy is ignoble and deal with it than any honest man ought. Probably, such thoughts justified by the majority of inhabitants, the balls from political parties, movements and class struggle in General. Even the very term class struggle pozabyla, forgotten the concept of classes, their interests, goals and objectives.

This favourable combination of circumstances exploits a class of owners of means of production, simply put, capitalists. By setting its power in our country, having crushed under itself the state and the Constitution, he shamelessly satisfy their interests. The main interest of the capitalist class – to maximize profits in the shortest period of time. It would seem, what in it bad? Someone plays online games, someone watching the TV series “Game of thrones”, someone runs in elf costume through the fields, and someone is maximizing their own profits. What does it matter to anyone?

The man in the street has forgotten that its profits the capitalist class receives for the account of another work, which he freely appropriates. And the more of others ‘ labor, the capitalist has appropriated, the richer. But one capitalist can take the work of others? Only employees who toil for him, which involved his capital. Even the stock market is not the capitalist himself rolling in their billions, for it is done by hired workers.

Thus every person who works for his uncle, involved with this uncle directly or through intermediaries in certain relations of production. An employee will have nothing to sell on the market, to gain money, which you can buy your own food, nothing but the ability to work. This ability to work, ability to create value and surplus value, the capitalist interest, and the employee interested in the salary, there is something you want. But without the means of production owned by the capitalist (factories, ports, supermarkets, earth), will not produce much, so the employee is forced to hire a capitalist to just simply live. Here is the economic compulsion to work we have today. Do not want – do not work, homeless, steal, stand on the labour exchange or capitalist. The selection is small, or you’re oppressing other people, or other people oppress you.

The case does not change even if you work for a state company. The state is an instrument of the ruling class under capitalism, the state apparatus is configured to oppression is no less capitalist, so the unpaid labor of the wage worker with the state enterprises flows into the pockets of the capitalists, or the state capitalists. For example, Gazprom is 51% state-owned, VTB – on 61%, RusHydro – 66% (all data from the financial statements of PJSC for 2015). I.e. approximately half of the profits flowing to private capitalists, and the other half to specific government officials. And it is not necessary that the two halves are composed of different persons, it may be the same people.


It turns out that the employee overlaid on all sides and has nothing in his pocket.

Why, asks the reader, ” I recently bought a car. And the capitalist for whom You work, bought a plant for the production of cars. I recently took out a mortgage and now live in a new apartment. But capitalist 100 such apartments that he rents out to its employees. Every vacation I go on holiday abroad! A capitalist who does not pay for most of Your work has a travel business and hotels where You go to rest. It may not have one capitalist and the total capitalist, but the lives of working people easier this becomes. You see, capitalists are not hiding behind the corner, to suddenly Rob You. They take Your money out of Your pockets constantly, on them is written the law, the invisible hand of the market.

After reading these lines until the end, most of the inhabitants, perhaps indignant, perhaps even discuss this article with your friends and colleagues, but then plunged headlong into a job or everyday problems, will start again on the bourgeois for their lives and their thoughts. Ie will start working for the benefit of the capitalist system, dooming themselves and their children in eternal capitalist servitude, if the capitalists are not going to burn the Earth in nuclear fire. Think of the tales? Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, phosphorus bombing in Vietnam, the recent in Libya, the fall of the twin towers in new York. The death of civilians capitalists never stopped, and how can you prevent war, if the death of millions of people, the capitalist promises billions in profits! Annually in “peace” time, from hunger, from lack of medical care, smoldering conflicts kill millions of people. The logic of the capitalist – there is nothing wrong if you die a bit more – it’s just business.

His passivity, his indifference, each of us pouring water on the mill of war, oppression and exploitation. It sounds lofty, but it’s true. Even in bourgeois law, “Abandonment in danger” is a criminal act, defined in the article 125 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. According to this article, the responsibility for this act, it is necessary to simultaneously satisfy all the following conditions:

• the victim was in a life-threatening or health condition,

• the victim was denied the opportunity to take action for self-preservation on the early childhood, old age, illness or due to his helplessness

• the guilty had possibility to assist the victim,

• the perpetrator was obliged to have care of the victim, or he put him in a life-threatening or health a condition.

Today, workers and pensioners, infants and schoolchildren, students and unemployed are dangerous to life and health condition. Taking away part of the labor of others in the form of money or product, the capitalist sucks the life out of workers lives. Bad food, bad rest, bad medicine, poor working conditions, etc: all this makes our lives shorter and weaker health.

Irresponsible workers who consider politics to be unworthy of attention, and the division of society into classes is an old tale, disarmed. They do not see the danger, not to understand its essence and living, figuratively, in the radiation zone. Effects of radiation imperceptible to humans up to a point, when to help yourself or your loved ones later.

But the fate of the workers in the hands of the workers themselves. Employees the vast majority on the planet, and the capitalists of all kinds are just a small part. Therefore, organized class conscious wage workers are a huge force to stop which capitalists are unable to. Just using the fragmentation of workers, their irresponsibility, narrow-mindedness in the historical, economic and political issues, the capitalists can oppress and exploit (using themselves as employees (army, police, tax, etc.)), billions of people.

But what can we do? – the reader will ask. Because we are weak, poor, blinkered, irresponsible. The system we twist the RAM’s horn, and we have children, mortgages and now grandkids. Yes, indeed, to speak of class struggle is not the same that lead the class struggle, but whining and crying among the masses, there are daredevils who are ready to act for a brighter future. No, not for the sake of a distant dream, not for Utopia but for a specific future, which made our forefathers and defended by our grandfathers and handed over our fathers. But the fathers have a chance to fix it, especially older kids who want a bright future and don’t want to live, work and die as slaves under capitalism.

But what do you do exactly? As the saying goes, from each according to ability. The first thing employees need their own Communist party and there is no other way to create it, how to organize it from below, by the conscious masses of workers. All attempts to create it in other ways: by orders from the Kremlin, through the breakaway from the parties in the Duma faction, through its foreign funds with the help of the bourgeois media means only the withdrawal of the masses from the class struggle. Examples of this are many: the CB, GCD, defense, KR, Communist party, Progress Party and others. Yes, the workers have few tools, but they are no less effective that the Internet and personal propaganda and agitation.

If an employee is aware of the reality of their class interests, their class goals and objectives, see my class enemy, he has no choice but to join with his class enemy in the fight, otherwise the employee is waiting for an inglorious and inevitable death under the thumb of the capitalist. Therefore, the survival instinct may not allow conscious employee to act.

But consciousness is a loose concept, and conscience have all trained in different ways. Fear to go against the system and bourgeois habits transform a person into a coward and liar. Some say that all the free time to devote to family, and the bourgeoisie agree that family is the basis of bourgeois society. Others complain about the work from morning till night, and the bourgeoisie bribe such “workaholics” high salary and career prospects become exploiters. Still others desire to immediately join the force, but the force of capitalism on the side of the capitalists, it is possible to join them and betray your class. Someone wants to sit at home before the Winter storm and immediately climb the barricades, but why would he think that the unknown will give up a rifle and put you on the barricades?

Dialectic. It turns out that at the time of the reaction, the Communist party could not be organized from irresponsible, cowards, careerists, traitors and opportunists – there is no benefit, and will create a strong Communist party today.

It is high time to raise an army of the proletariat. This requires the widest possible spread of Communist ideas to the masses. That is what an Icebreaker news, information on of the Union of Communists. Conscious people are ready to work directly or remotely are required today. Anyone can read and distribute our materials, and can send their materials to the class orientation to the editor, and the editorial Board will publish them. There are people who are afraid of unions, they prefer to work alone, but this path is ultimately a dead end. You must train yourself to work in a team, team mates and associates. Only in the organization of the working force, only organized class capable of taking power in the state in their own hands, and the apex of the organized working class is the Communist party.

Undoubtedly, in order to distribute Communist material, you need to know what to distribute, therefore, Lenin spoke of the need “to study, study and study communism”, but in addition self-education, because communism is not taught in bourgeois institutions, it is necessary to act, to search the app’s own forces, and in particular the collective forces. Marx, too, no wonder they say that “our theory is not a dogma but a guide to action.” Equally useful to recall another saying of Marx, “theory becomes a material force once it has gripped the masses.” Thus it is necessary to conduct systematic, balanced struggle for the minds of employees, for their consciousness and to combine honest, responsible, conscious of the Communist party.

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