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New “Eagles” will open their wings over Syria

 Новые «Орланы» распахнут крылья над Сирией

Active use of the latest domestic drones during the operation of the Russian HQs in the middle East has become serious surprise for the whole world. To the surprise of the West, the Russians were a whole range of unmanned aerial vehicles, and even its own design. “Eagles” and “Ailerons”, flooded the Syrian sky, providing military intelligence and footage of destroyed positions of militants of DAYS*.

But, if still in the Syrian theater of operations used only on medium and light drones “Orlan-3M” and “Orlan-10”, now with full confidence we can say: time for more serious machines. According to the source close to the Ministry of Defence, in early April, a full cycle of state tests completed “White-30” — one of the most difficult Russian drone reconnaissance type.

The new drone is fully repeats the shape of his middle brother, and in essence it is an enlarged copy of (3.8 meters against 3.1 meters in wingspan and 2.5 m vs 1.8 m in total length, respectively). But unlike “the tenth Eagle”, the maximum takeoff weight, “thirty” almost two times more than in the first place, provided a serious increase in the maximum payload of the drone up to 10 pounds. The maximum range of the new “Eagle” also increased more than four times, up to 500 kilometers. But applied technology solutions, of course, impose certain restrictions on new drone: take-off and landing “White-30” will not require a catapult, and a full analogue of the runway.

 Новые «Орланы» распахнут крылья над Сирией

However, according to messages of the same source be used as individual scout’s new “Eagle” yet. The fact is that according to the developers, “the top thirty” best able to realize their full potential only as part of complex, where she will be paired with another in the same drone, controlled from a mobile ground point. Carrying different target load, be it the camera day or night vision, thermal imaging cameras, modules of radio networks or radio direction finders, two “Eagle” will be perfect complement and insure each other.

So we can only wait for the final finishing to mind of the whole complex and monitor the success of new Russian drones in the Syrian sky. Moreover, due shortly, and the next plane in the line: “White-50”, the drone would be qualitatively different from their younger counterparts, but that’s another story requiring narration separately…

* – The organization was prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation by the decision of the Supreme court.

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