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Nemtsov: the political necrophilia

Немцов: политическая некрофилия

Well, the March in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow took place. According to police, was 7.5 thousand participants, “white counter” — 24 thousand people. And anyway this is a good result.

Actually the success of a stock should be measured not by the number of “retired” per share of goals, but with a different parameter. How bright it sounded. If it changes in the country. At the time, the national-Bolsheviks Gromov, Tishin and his friends (judged seven), who seized the office Zurabov about monetization, sounded stronger than thousands of demonstrations. After the direct action of the national Bolsheviks in office Zurabov, the country refused to obey monetization. As a result, the monetization cancelled. A well-executed campaign of direct action often brings more than the flow of people that flooded the town square.

You cannot use the dead for political purposes? Why not? . Corpse waving like a flag. But I’ve tried to swing and Starovoitova and Anna Politkovskaya. But longevity is not enough — maybe because women? Originally, the word “necrophilia” means love for inanimate objects in General. And only later turned into a symbol of sexual perversion. Namavari is a political perversion. The fact that the Russian bourgeoisie is worn with Nemtsov’s corpse for the second year, is because stronger weapons they have.

It is curious to observe how real Nemtsov, a person angry, jealous, rather strange, not reserved on the language (we all remember LifeNews published a printout of his phone conversations where he is equally dirty characterized and friends and enemies), has undergone a year of qualitative changes: made it Holy, provided you have brains and talent and was deemed “good” from the bad. Was some kind of “beatificate”. I confess, I am amazed and impressed. It seems to me that the original prefabricated someone of whom he will make Holy, still needs to be better quality. And here such here the banal guy, never anything smart, I never heard from him.

Once in the Assembly hall of the Tver Department of internal Affairs, he shared with me his “brilliant” idea next time to put on the triumphal mask of Putin. The depth of thought Nemtsov is evident in the feeble-minded proposal. Cheater, womanizer, nozdrev, if according to the classification of Gogol, or Bender, if you dig in closer to us in time prototype, after his death became an icon of the bourgeoisie. Of course, nezastroennoe shot better, he would have died in bed with Anna duricko the effect would be different.

One of the participants of the March in memory of Boris Nemtsov, Olga, saying: “I don’t want to live in a country where they kill people. I don’t want people killed on the bridge in front of the government.” (Olga Borisovna that the government cares?) That’s right, Olga! But the body’s own bourgeoisie. On the March to the memory of Nemtsov’s people were holding banners demanding to bring to justice the masterminds behind the killings Nemtsov. I don’t even know who they are, customers. Well and when it will end namavari? If you see a fresh corpse, and soon will be over.

On February 27 we have seen that there is a weakening namcobandai. People yet smaller than a year ago. But the Russian bourgeoisie is now his hero, no doubt. They have a passionate phase, they gained class consciousness. Somewhere in the Marsh acquired. They will use the corpse Nemtsov. Long-playing corpse Nemtsov. Have you noticed that the Russian working class had lost consciousness and the urban bourgeoisie acquired? Lavishly and lusciously samonazva themselves the “creative class”, the Russian bourgeoisie has chosen his heroes in person, the top of creativity of which is the proposal to put on all the masks of Putin. Rolls over creativity in Nemtsov. Such powerful creativity.

The procession to the memory of Nemtsov was over, the participants released white balloons into the sky and shouted three times the name of Boris Nemtsov. Here unknown, spat through the left shoulder. Try in the sweat of his brow, beautifulrose ham, but we are your contemporaries, and we spill the beans about your body. Nozdryov arranged to pull in the saints — this will not work, gentlemen! Distinguished Vladimir Milov, a former Deputy of a Minister. He said the city and the world that on the March to the memory of Nemtsov was attended by a hundred thousand people. One hundred thousand is already looks like a complete victory. It is. A complete victory. Imagination the former Deputy Minister over the modest reality.

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