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Near Kostroma businessman for the money saved architectural treasure

Под Костромой бизнесмен за свои деньги спас архитектурное сокровище

It was like a fairy tale: the age-old pine trees parted and in the midst of dense forest seemed to tower. And for tens of kilometers around not a soul! This pearl of Russian architecture saved Moscow entrepreneur Andrei Pavlyuchenko. Could in fact get a yacht or a Villa on the Cote d’azur. But such beauty, neither in nice nor even on the ruble will not meet.
Под Костромой бизнесмен за свои деньги спас архитектурное сокровище

Chuhloma – this is not an Eastern dish. Tiny town in the heart of Kostroma region. 5.5 thousand inhabitants. Music school, Museum of local lore and a cinema Display. On the main square – Lenin with a pointing finger. However, is it somehow sideways to the administration. Jokers turned?

– And this is he first in cuhloma public toilet indicates, laughed one chukhlomina.

In fact Lenin was replaced at his post of Alexander II. That, according to the architect, looked to the South. The power has changed, but the foundations remained.

A cafe found no signs. Why? Everyone knows that this cafe. To the dismay of local historians, I heard saying: “chuhloma famous for nothing famous.” Gas is not and never will be – there is not one company that needs the gas. Here’s chlordane and stoked the furnace. Vusmert broken road by timber lorries. Well what else to do in this beautiful but forsaken of God and a party town?

Под Костромой бизнесмен за свои деньги спас архитектурное сокровище

But a century ago there was in full swing merchant life. The famous Golden carp from lake Chuhlomsky was served to the Emperor himself. One of the local rich was Marian Sazonov. Himself of the serfs, he is in St. Petersburg had a construction workshop. It simply was the foreman of finishers. Had amassed a considerable capital. According to one version, he worked with his team on the construction of the Russian pavilion of the world exhibition in Paris. There we met with the architect Ropecon. How it got to Sazonov draft towers – a mystery. Whether bought, stole, borrowed by the friendship? We will never know.

Под Костромой бизнесмен за свои деньги спас архитектурное сокровище

After his wife’s death in 1895, he returned to his native village of Astashova that under the Chukhloma. Married again to the daughter of a clerk and decided to surprise his wife, and the Chukhloma district. Construction began on the miracle of the towers.

The author of the towers is a well-known architect Ropet (real name John DOE. Then, as now in pop music, it was fashionable to distort names in a foreign way). Rope-Petrov was the founder of the “Russian revival style” in architecture. His Russian pavilion at the world exhibition in Paris, admired by the whole world. Nizhny Novgorod fair is also not without its project. Chukhloma and the Palace is a hunting Lodge for Alexander III in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The house was never built. But the project is not lost.

…35 working lugging a giant 37-metre pine to the place of Foundation of towers. Was driving behind a barrel of beer to quench thirst. The tab came friends of Marian. Let the circle cap. He suddenly was filled with gold coins. Them, and laid the Foundation for happiness.

Под Костромой бизнесмен за свои деньги спас архитектурное сокровище

The tower was not only unique for its time. What about the heating system! Seven “Dutch” tiles allowed heat on dodgy chimneys. They say the pipe starts to smoke after only two hours after lighting the fire – is so intricately was heated house.

The priests abused the Martian on what light is. Golden spire played in the sun and was visible for seven miles. The faithful were put on crosses with him, having confused it with the Church. Prayed to God, and in fact the Martian…

Под Костромой бизнесмен за свои деньги спас архитектурное сокровище

Marian lived with his huge family is really happy and died in September 14th of the year. However, his grave historians can not find. But there’s a grave! In Soviet times, the tower the whole is lost!

And it was so. Collectivization in the spacious pavilion houses the kolkhoz with the cinema and post office. Lodged the visiting commissioners. And then when the rate went to farm consolidation, the village of Astashova ceased to exist. Peasants dismantled their homes and moved closer to the main HOMESTEAD. About Terem forgotten for half a century.

And he stood alone in the pine forest. Overgrown with birches. The tower looked. And only in this century, tireless dzhippery occasionally run across him and, to everyone’s amazement, spread photos in Instagram. One of these posts I read, the young Moscow businessman Andrei Pavlyuchenko. He loves travel and adventures. So went to the Chuhloma.

Под Костромой бизнесмен за свои деньги спас архитектурное сокровище

Photo 2008

– A tower struck me, – says Andrey. – Online self-organized volunteers. Year three we went over and tried to tidy up the construction. In Galich crane was hired to strengthen the tower. But it became clear that without serious restoration can not do. Looking for oligarchs, so they bought and brought this dying treasure on the ruble. No duplicates were found. Then I bought the land with the tower and started restoration. I say, if it were not for the enthusiasm of the volunteers, the transaction would not take place. Local leaders went to meet. We were just lucky.

Lucky first of all to the tower. Andrew padded through the dense forest road. Electricity came. Dismantled the tower on a log and removed for restoration. Now the tower is as good as new. Inside finishing works. This year Andrew will open in the mansion guest house and a Museum. For exposure Pavlyuchenko toured local villages and produces exhibits such as spinning wheels, benches, dressers and samovars.


…Came to the tower in the blue twilight. Bright burning Windows. Color, custom made stained glass adorned it like a crown of stones. Ascended round the moon. Was a bit spooky: that’s from the pipe will fly Baba Yaga in a mortar, and then to the skeleton near. But on the porch I met a girl Ksenia. The administrator of the future guest house. Her energy could power a small city. Though her native Chuhloma. She was in a hurry – guests had to drive to station Galich. The house though not officially launched, but piperska rumor is doing its job. Not to expel people if they are distant lands went to admire the tower?

Here the mushrooms home, here gas stove. The food in the refrigerator. On the second floor I laid. Make yourself at home, and I ran!

– And the key to whom to pass?

– What key? We and locks.

I spent the night in the Annex – the Governor’s house. With the tower it communicates with the gallery. Under the gallery of the glaciers for supplies. A huge oven is still warm. But there were steam battery. Buried near the gas tank on five cubes. Five rooms for 15 persons with comfortable beds and lovely antique chests of drawers instead of large. Did not expect to meet here the comfort of the XXI century, even if only in Chukhloma hotel “Berezka” facilities in the corridor.

But I had travelled in Astasova not without incident. If anyone is planning to go here by car, think hard or just order a new suspension. To Kostroma beautiful highway. But then they start digging potholes and bumps, that though the saints won take. 200 kilometers of fear. From shaking I took off the bulb and I bit my lip.

– In the Kostroma region never had large-scale industry, set up the first Deputy head of administration of municipal Chuhlomsky area Alexey Menshikov. – Here the roads are good and not built.

What can I say, if even the doors of the administration of the expanded asphalt? But I came not for this. I wanted to talk with authority about the tower. Menshikov smiled. I then noticed that once I ask the police or the saleswoman from “Magnet” on the tower, the faces appear smile. The tower is the pride. The tower is a symbol. I hope chlordane, what will happen to them as with the tower. Come rich uncle, and infuse new life into old fur.

– Andriy Pavlyuchenko to Chuhloma does a lot. Opened a tourism cluster. The road was built. Spent light. Every year the festival dzhipperov “Full Chukhloma”. Joke from across the country come to us, then the whole year your jeep to fix. So, for the past November 200 cars came to the tower to look at. Such chaos in cuhloma was not. Appeared tube, I swear!

From myself I will add: mushrooms, which I tasted in the mansion, were rolled up with onions in a glass jar with the label “Forest mansion”. Banks and the mushrooms chuhlomsky. Labels Andrew brought from Moscow. Local hunting involved in the tourist business. Collect mushrooms and berries, and pass to the kitchen. Supply game. In the holidays the boys come running:

– Uncle Andrew! How can we help?

Firewood leaving will get a movie, and ice cream. And here it is “uncle Andrew” in the local woods is worth a lot. You know how to relate to the Muscovites on the expanses of our vast. “Wooo, damn, all bought!” – the gentle revolution. Andrew took his. The tower is a kind of code: friend or foe.

– I sold the land because I’ve decided to restore the tower, – said Andriy Pavlyuchenko. – If you tried to export, nothing happened. The people would not allow.

– What’s next? I heard this year it is planned the opening of the guest house. Good business…

Commercial this project is not called. To get in a positive “zero”! In the summer I organize excursions on Quad bikes. In the winter on snowmobiles. Berries, mushrooms, hunting, fishing. You may acquire the stable. There are so many interesting places! Did you know that nearby in the village of Pogorelovo there is a similar tower? There lives a Petersburg artist Anatoly Zhigalov. There is an agreement that there tours will conduct. We will develop the route. It will be interesting!

Tatyana Baykova – Chukhloma known local historian and journalist. She spent days and nights sitting in the archives that compares metrics. Can with closed eyes to dismantle every knee chuhlomsky famous dynasties.

– Our region is the ancestral fiefdom of Lermontov, not without pride, says Tatiana. Here as many as 8 estates. Chlordane built St. Petersburg! Hence went toilet fishing is when the landowner sends his peasants to work. 25 thousands of cuilacan left at the construction site of the young Russian Empire. Centuries have passed. Chlordane and still are engaged in seasonal work. Build near Moscow villas for the rich. The work here is completely gone.

History repeats itself. Hopefully, not in the form of farce. What the new owner is worse than the Martian Sazonova? Maybe he can breathe, finally, life in this beautiful area? And the tower stood and will stand, plunging into the amazement of tourists from France (were last week) and admiring the Japanese (stayed in early March). Marian Sazonov would be proud, I’m sure.

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