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Near Astrakhan on the ground, the engine caught fire missiles

Под Астраханью на полигоне загорелся двигатель ракеты

In the Astrakhan region of Russia at a military firing range, a fire occurred at the warehouse, told Interfax a source in the emergency services.

“A military training ground there was a fire of the warehouse containing the details of the rocket engines. Previously no one was hurt, however, it was decided to evacuate the nearby residential town,” said the source.

It is reported that from the living area in total in a safe place evacuated about 500 people.

Soon, the press service of the defense Ministry said TASS that the engine caught fire missiles when carrying out planned works on the stock non-combat parts of rockets targets.

At the scene of the fire are fire brigades. On Ashuluk went to the Commission of the Ministry of defense.

Earlier in April, in Russia there was a fire in the building of the Ministry of defense, 1792, the buildings in the street Znamenka.

The fire was assigned to the fifth, the highest category of complexity. On the floor the fire spread to the third, fourth and fifth floors of the building. The fire area was 3500 square meters.

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