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NATO is working on a strategy for dealing with “hybrid threats”

НАТО работает над стратегией борьбы с "гибридными угрозами"

NATO is developing a new strategy, which should accelerate the decision-making process in the case of “hybrid war” against members of the Alliance. It is expected that the document will be ready for the July NATO summit in Warsaw.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new manual will set out the actions to be taken by the Alliance to help its partners in the pressure of a hostile country. In particular, we are talking about computer experts to fight against hackers, experts on public relations to counter the propaganda, a rapid reaction force.

Sources in NATO said that the methods of “hybrid war” are designed to ensure that the Alliance did not use the clause of its Charter on collective defense. Therefore, the Alliance “must develop a new approach and improve their ability to make decisions quickly,” said the Czech army General Petr Pavel, head of the NATO military Committee.

Among the “hybrid threats” were supporting the political opposition, propaganda broadcasts aimed at ethnic minorities and restriction of energy supplies.

A source in the leadership of the European Union also said that the EU is working on a hot line with NATO to share information in the event of a threat.

Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg pointed to the need for the Alliance to be ready to answer all of the calls, including hybrid, cyber and traditional military threats.

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