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Named unexpected cause of Parkinson’s disease

Названа неожиданная причина болезни ПаркинсонаNew research has revealed the real cause of Parkinson’s disease.

Scientists from the University of Leicester found that Parkinson’s disease is not developing as was believed until now.

The discovery, made by specialists, offers hope for developing drugs against the disease. At the moment, experts are studying the results of the study and create a methodology that can slow or stop the development of Parkinson’s disease.

Previously, scientists believed that the disease is a result of improper functioning of the mitochondria, which supply power to cells. As a result, the brain cells that produce the hormone dopamine, die. Scientists from UK found that the development of the disease is influenced by completely different processes.

The main role is played by the cell endoplasmic reticulum. In the new study, experts used genetically modified fruit flies with Parkinson’s disease.

Research staff were able to partially eliminate the negative impact on brain cells and restore their number. At the moment this technique is only tested on fruit flies, but scientists do not doubt that the experiments on humans will show a positive result.

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