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Nadia Savchenko, a Tamagotchi and a simulacrum. Who benefits from her funeral service?

Надя Савченко, тамагочи и симулякр. Кому выгодно ее отпевать?


In this vaudeville history with Nadia, obsazeni in social networks, blogs, forums in detail, with the banter, demotivators, sarcasm on the one hand, and a loud hysterical sobs, curses and the promise of the plagues of Egypt the torturers on the other, I was hurt one time. And it is amazing the willingness of people not to trust my eyes and my brain, and instead slurp buckets of clear, blatant, touching, even in its dimensionless cynicism lies. Mediocre production. Brazen removal of the brain. Shit on the fan. Unnecessary can cross, although personally I don’t see anything.

So, we have a large, large of bone, without any signs of malnutrition, not to mention exhaustion, full of evil energy aunt, which is worth nothing in one leap jump on a chair, shouting blasphemy, showing obscene gestures in a Tymoshenko-style, and suddenly, as the tears, the carpet covering the Internet and TV channels, not live to court, because you’ll die from exhaustion. Howling nonstop about her lawyers – as it should be in vaudeville, which is a group of comedians. Although, to be honest, for this genre as vaudeville, the artists chosen malachitica and blunt, cocky and infinitely sad in his desire to othawise from all the critics. So to speak, a characteristic crackling on the glass trying to divert attention from its characteristic smell.

And the audience, seeing it full and heavy body, which enthusiastically drags as Gena and svidomye Ukrainian audience, and the Russian liberals, which brought truckers, currency investors, owners of the demolished tents and other failed petrels of the revolution, fascinated repeated the mantra from the TV – Nadia will die, save Nadia. What is the absolute value of Nadi with its more than strange biography, participation in the executions, inability to master any training course, incompetent in everything he undertook – not clearly. Nadia is such a big, ugly, deeply unpleasant simulacrum, in which fake everything – from calling her a pilot before applying to the Martyr.

Meanwhile, if Nadia dies, it is because it is very much necessary. There was a long line of mourners for a live, and if Nadia should be afraid of anybody, so this is the hardest to mourn. Nadina death is favorable to an army of fans to collect shit on the sour cream. It is something like many radicals – narwhal psychopaths who do not recognize the state monopoly on violence, no law, no order, and just what inspired their painful affects and paranoiline ideas. To withdraw dust their leaves, even the so-called anti-terrorist operation is not recovering radicals in the proper quantity and at the rate needed. Therefore, they constitute a whole discourse, the direction and the content of not only domestic but also foreign policy of Ukraine. And the danger coming from them, it is tangible – so tangible that the government is not for one second contemplate any radical action on the suppression of radicals. After all, she’s completely addicted – hardly any more than American curators. Here and praise, awarded orders and medals, call them names, streets, and otherwise cajole maliwat, while desperately hating and wishing that all this scum suddenly rose into the air and vanished over the horizon. If she just kosmala biomass, but is trying to look into the hands and pockets of the holders of a trough, wanting to grab the bucket and…

And Nadia – a suitcase without a handle. Alive and on the loose are useless and unpleasant, perhaps even dangerous. Get released, and will be loudly announced ambitions to do something with her inflated sense of self-grandeur. Because Nadia today will not are satisfied alopochen the status of people’s Deputy, she confidently swings at the presidency, and in a country where to settle on the thrones of different heights of outright Imbeciles, sadists, psychopaths, looters, rapists became a national idea and a way of life, it is quite possible that there will be forces that will help Nadia, put your right hand on the Bible and take the oath.

And while citizens Spud with tons of diarrhea, trying to cram nevpihuemoe theoretically, but in practice, flying with a whistle, and easy as if on the vaseline, the heads of the Ukrainians. The power takes the suffering for Nadia to shove with suspicion and score points in view of the upcoming elections.

It seemed that after the incident with Tymoshenko, in a perverted form, and with special cynicism have taken the people of Ukraine in all the holes, we made inoculation against gullibility. It seemed, after watching Julia on hunger strike, entered into the chamber of megagradient filled with pounds and regularly updated choice of delicacies, we’ll never no the hunger strike will not believe, if only the starving will not be placed in a special glass cage with video surveillance.

No, the inventory of suggestibility, stupidity and willingness to eat whatever was piled on top of mayonnaise, is inexhaustible as the atom. The picture – hefty bouncy Nadia-Butch 69 kilogram weight, the moaning – dying dry hunger strike, starvation and the weakness of the gentle maiden. Millions follow Nadia as Tamagotchi – ate, laid a bunch, drank water, jumped on a chair, showed the middle finger. Forgot to feed? Dead Tamagotchi, well, anything, immediately, and is alive again.

It seemed, after the epic elinym osteochondrosis and hernias fatal, doctors writing strictly from Germany, the publication of a daily Bulletin on the condition of the main sideline of the country, which promised that will throw 15-inch hoof, but that had time in between performances to greet all body oblique Vlasenko – we certainly not caught with chaff? What? Kikuchi of different origin and education level, again pine for terminally ill Nade, although the eyes see is completely different.

It seemed, after the hypocritical demands of the civilized world soobshestva immediately release the victim zaputanno bloody Yanukovych, after a staged photo with the former Communist thick problably from Lithuania, after the screams of all the big top European officials about the illegal condemnation of Tymoshenko us not to sell more the topic “the whole world supports us.” But where there is again the sanctions lists, an expression of deep concern and extreme anxiety, the requirement to release you immediately, because of the wicked. Light elves and recoperate lords of the Universe, well enough to drive, not all around idiots. Although, Yes, I admit, still a lot of idiots, unfortunately.

Well what can I say – if the scheme works, why change it? No wonder Julia has been patronizing poor Nadia. Hunger, disease, refusal of medical examination, as the doctors-murderers can publish the weight exhausted and also share with us the results of the study of body fluids, suddenly showing remarkable health that could not break any soups or smoothies or baby food.

Lawyers now tell us that health and strength to leave Nadi in his eyes, but only the most critical continue to believe their eyes. The rest of the public believes desperately, sobs and moans, and requires vymahal. How not to cry? On all channels from Nadi require to live as if she definitely intended to die. Psychologists will confirm that such importunate lamentations is a kind of boost to the desired action. When with such shrill hysteria demand something not to do, you can be sure that it is what, allegedly, warn.

Soon we will tell that Nadia was beaten in the stomach and will demonstrate drawn the bruises, then she will refuse to appear in court, and forced her organize the delivery – of course, with torture and beatings.

The wave of popular anger will rise even higher, especially excited Russian liberals, traditionally which mould of what came to icons of resistance to a tyrannical regime. Now who ready to do anything in the name of destruction of their own country – I suspect that the Ukrainian Nazi, abacas with Russian liberals who climb without soap to be friends, just jealous of the scale of cynicism. Our still simpler.

And while the puppeteers making waves of popular indignation, running through the cities and villages the same shop hired demonstrators, which adjoins the group of local collaborators, and begins a gay hue. Innocent children in kindergartens and schools, preparing to join Bandera-Jugend, draw parallel to the case of the funeral service, Nadi. Dying from starvation in the dungeons of Mordor and how clearly hopes the President Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko and the rest of Ukrainian politicians who promise not to live to court.

And I have been Makoto. No worse than the head of Gongadze. Because if they live a live Nade and Julia managed to do such a dizzying PR, what they can do after the death of Nadia, which was so carefully nakliyat, even difficult to imagine.

Therefore, it is important to strengthen the protection of the defendant and vigilantly to watch how she communicates with his lawyers.

For a simple reading of the notes Feigin and Novikov in social networks dramatically increased anxiety for the condition and the prospects of their client.

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