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Montyan: Video from Matios – blunt intimidation of lawyers who have engaged in political Affairs

Монтян: Видео от Матиоса - тупое запугивание адвокатов, которые занимаются политическими делами

Well-known Kiev lawyer and social activist Tatyana Montyan considers suspicious video, unveiled by chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios, where the murdered lawyer captured Russians Yury Grabovsky voiced rejection of their professional protection.

Montyan suspected him of staging and appearance with “the obvious purpose of intimidation of lawyers who have engaged in political Affairs.”

“This is very strange, actually the situation: where this video – is unclear. About a cloud server is, of course, “tales from the Vienna woods”.

The question is, why Matios its released?

The whole crowd thought that goes domestic version, and to somehow gloss over. And then suddenly Matios posts a video with the explicit goal of intimidating lawyers who have engaged in political Affairs.

All those I know, regarded it as the most blatant intimidation. Why ordinary huckster, who, as mentioned, Grabovski stole the money and killed in the process of the kurtosis, to force him to talk about the “Grouchnikov” and from something to refuse?

No other versions except the stupid intimidation, there is not yet foreseeable, especially at this stage,” he said in comments to RIA Novosti Ukraine Montyan, defending in court the journalist district police Department, whose only anti-war video on the Internet is accused of treason.

As the attorney said that she is not going voluntarily to give up the protection of Ruslan Kotsaba.

“If my charred corpse will find somewhere in a ditch on the road between Kiev and Ivano-Frankivsk, then hasten to declare in advance that the protection Koceby are going to give up. And if something like that would be on video, so me, unless it’s made” – said Montyan.

I should add that suspicious, not only video, but also quite operational police officers find the burial place of Yuriy Grabovsky. In such cases, the missing years are looking for commonly, and often unsuccessfully. Of course, if the corpse is not “hidden” in relatively busy places, and even better – not buried, as in the case of Grabovski. Who came in the early spring in the head to stagger abandoned in the collective garden, and to worry about fresh mound of earth – a mystery.

On the eve of the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios released a video in which Yury Grabovsky refused to protect the detainee in Ukraine, the Russian Alexander Alexandrov. The video was shown at the briefing of the chief military Prosecutor. Grabowski himself in the video looks tired and haggard, his voice slow. As it was emphasised – this is his last video.

However, in the media appeared information that the lawyer killed the jobless inhabitant of Kotovsk of Odessa region. They, along with accomplices took the human rights defender iPhone 6, was removed from his credit cards more than seven thousand hryvnias, and in Kiev from the safe took 13 thousand dollars.

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