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Migrants and refugees still seek in Europe

Мигранты и беженцы все еще стремятся в Европу

The number of migrants and refugees arriving in Europe has significantly decreased compared to the previous year. As reported by Reuters, from January 1, Mediterranean sea in search of a new home have crossed 220 thousand against over a million in 2015).

According to the International organization for migration, on the coast of Greece landed 158 thousand people in Italy – almost 63 thousand, in Spain – 1.3 million and about 2.9 thousand were killed or went missing.

The EU Agency for border security “FRONTEX” notes that the path of migrants has changed in recent years, and now they mostly cross the Central part of the Mediterranean sea. On average, from Libya to Italy arrives at 13-14 times more refugees than migrants from Turkey to Greece. Experts believe that the number of cases of illegal border crossing between Libya and Italy will exceed the current year all other illegal border crossings in the EU.

According to experts, the last time Egypt becomes a staging post for refugees, despite the fact that the sea route from this country to Europe, are particularly dangerous and often takes at least 10 days.

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