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Merkel is back, blame the Chancellor failed

Меркель возвращается, свалить канцлера не удалось
If the policy of the Kremlin really was, to undermine Merkel’s position in Germany and the influence of Germany in the EU, it seems to have failed.
Merkel survived, and is now coming back.

Today were announced the results of a survey of public opinion.
37% evaluated the job positively Merkel.
It’s 5% more than in early February (32%).
However, the majority is still dissatisfied.
But here the bias is negative.
In early February, negatively assessed the actions of Merkel of 61%.
Now, in early March to 56%.
It’s minus 4%.

For three months, and will be less dissatisfied than satisfied.

If to take into account that Syria has established a truce, which the number of refugees increase, and the EU continues serious work with migrants, we can assume that Merkel will be alright.

Today is the EU summit-Turkey, Merkel described the talks with the Turks is difficult, but the agreement seems to be reached.
Turkey will receive the money in 2 times more than was discussed – some 3.3 billion euros (however, evil tongues say that Erdogan demanded 20 billion euros and was very offended by the treacherous Europeans).
The EU will ease visa requirements for Turkish citizens by the end of June, it is also earlier-agreed terms.
For this, Turkey will take the Greek Islands with all their illegals.

Although problems remain: Turkey wants in the EU, and the EU wants to unite with Turkey.

If Merkel to solve the refugee problem, the Germans will return to her location.
Even will love even more.
And then Merkel with a new energy deal with the Russian question.

Interestingly, the Kremlin was really hoping to topple Chancellor Merkel?
This is another failure of our foreign policy strategists?

By the way, if it is, and in the Western press articles appeared that there is a plan of the Kremlin, Merkel is now more and more a personal grudge will experience.
This can play a serious role, personal factor should not be underestimated.
And women, as we know, generally vengeful and stubborn.
Especially if they have psycho “Dostoevsky”.

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