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Merkel doesn’t report to the porridge in the kettles burghers

We are firmly managed with the refugees, but is already corrected, as admitted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel in an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. And immediately soothes the German burghers, saying that the country does not intend to get into debt because of refugees.

Migration despite the crisis, Germany will have to keep a balanced budget that does not involve new loans. And absolutely on a positive note stated that Germany thus takes into account the interests of future generations, as no debt is the best investment in new generation. She also promised that the government will not raise taxes because of the migration crisis, and fears that the costs for migrants would require the government to get into debt, “completely unfounded.”

Меркель не докладывает каши в котелки бюргеров

In form all right, but the essence of the pure craftiness. Kanzlerin has long been going around like fish in the frying pan, trying to justify himself in the eyes of the Germans for all the problems that have arisen in Germany because of the open door policy towards migrants who poured into the country at the invitation of the German government.

Scandals involving the rape of inhabitants of Cologne during the celebration of the New year was just the tip of the iceberg, concealing including a sharp increase in the cost of the program on adaptation of refugees in Germany from the Middle East, primarily Syria.

German experts have estimated that each refugee will need up to 450 thousand Euro. If this figure is multiplied by one million migrants, out of the astronomical amount of $ 450 billion. These funds will of course need for the past ten years. And while the German economy is growing, we are growing and tax revenues.

At their expense and intends Frau Merkel to cover the growing costs for the adoption of migrants in the country without resorting to tax increases. But these additional revenues have been long awaited in the German cities, where there is an acute shortage of funds for implementation of social and infrastructure projects.

Merkel is silent about this, emphasizing that the country’s authorities are engaged in the development of social programs, including working on issues of pensions and the re-socialisation of people with disabilities.

What awaits Europe and Ukraine

With Merkel do not agree Zipfel Frank, an analyst at Deutsche Bank Research. According to him, the increasing “social spending — the biggest problem of cities. In recent years they skyrocketed. A couple of years ago the Federation and the länder has introduced a number of measures, e.g., ensuring minimum social assistance to the unemployed or senior citizens.

Then it was assumed that these will be isolated cases, but in reality everything turned out differently. The volume of payments has increased continuously. Now about this debate, and the Federation promises to start next year to take on some of these costs by four billion euros in four years”, — said Zipfel.

Frau Merkel actually growing revenues directs not to the aid of German cities, and to support refugees. Their foreign policy failures she patches through tax revenues, and the burghers to stay grounded — their cities are deprived of badly needed funds for the development of social programs, improving infrastructure,

Go through the Northern lands of Germany, for example, in Schleswig-Holstein, and you will see not long ago renovated train stations, shabby settlements and towns.

Much needed funds MS Merkel is the development of infrastructure projects directs the program on reception. And hypocritically says: and the power will not go to the budget, he had us in surplus. But the more about this Merkel said, the more people in Germany understand that their kanzlerin unceremoniously reaches into their pockets to pay for their foreign policy blunders.

Author: Innokenty Wisniewski

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