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Medvedev has decided to increase the minimum wage by 21%

Медведев решил повысить минимальную зарплату на 21%
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev took a decision to increase the minimum wage Russians 21% from 1 July 2016. He said this, speaking at the plenary session of the forum “United Russia” in St. Petersburg.

“As Chairman of the party and the Prime Minister, I want to inform you that I have decided to set on 1 July of the current year the minimum wage in the amount of 7.5 thousand roubles, having increased by almost 21%,” — said Medvedev, transmits “Interfax”.

He also called his fellow deputies from the party “as soon as possible to prepare the corresponding bill and quickly to pass it.”

Medvedev explained that despite the fact that from 1 January of the current year the minimum wage was already increased by 4%, yet the minimum wage remains small. He also pointed out that the difference between the value of the minimum wage and the subsistence level is preserved, and it remains quite high.

From 1 January 2016, the minimum wage was raised to 6.2 thousand. RUB. the Relevant law on December 15 was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Also, in summer 2015, the MOF offered for six months to shift the indexation of the minimum wage, but to increase it by 7% to RUB 6383

Earlier, on 14 March, Medvedev signed a decree on the reduction of the subsistence minimum for the fourth quarter of 2015. It was installed at around 9 452 thousand rubles (9 673 thousand rubles for the previous quarter).

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