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Medvedev asked a question about the dwarf-the sun

Медведев задался вопросом о карлике-солнце

At the meeting with women scientists before March 8, the Prime Minister delved into space problems

Representatives of the science on the eve of 8 March, Dmitry Medvedev spoke about how to liberate women from domestic servitude, and to get away from oil extraction on the moon thermonuclear fuel. And even an innocent conversation about the weather turned into a discussion about how and when will our sun go out. In General, the ladies society to the Prime Minister at this time was not only pleasant but also very useful.

Since Soviet times, when March 8 became a public holiday, the ritual greetings women’s top state officials has changed significantly. Gone is the solemn meetings at which the party was accountable to the workers and collective farmers on the implementation of its policy in the field of maternal and child health, and mass concerts with the distribution of active-duty corsages. Now everything happens in a more intimate setting, in quiet country residences.

This year Dmitry Medvedev has invited to the “Hills” of representatives of the national science involved in innovation. Everyone knows the Prime Minister’s interest to the sphere of high technologies, and he himself did not hide that wants not only to congratulate the scientists give on the upcoming holiday, but also to hear what “is happening in this direction.”

However, at first we were talking about food. The owner of the Internet store of tasty and healthy food Olga Zinovyeva told the Prime Minister that he wants to free a beautiful floor from domestic slavery. Now on a trip to the supermarket and cooking the average woman spends 8 hours a week. But could spend the time more usefully, if ordered already prepared and balanced diets in the network.

– Well, – Medvedev was interested in, And how is the shipping? Cutting, it is necessary to clean? But if I want to gain weight?

He listened carefully (and even wrote anything down), and I was suspect: he was tired of local food, and he is ready to change the supplier. Or really thought about the transition in other weight category… However, Ms. Zinovieva not destined to get such a VIP customer.

– I find it hard to book anything, lots of people, lots of protection, – with regret, admitted Medvedev, – but, Mr Dvorkovich (Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich, who also attended the meeting – “MK”) may… Take note, try.

As expected in classic small-talk (easy conversation), from eating it spread to weather. Though not conventional, and space. Senior researcher, space technology Centre Tatiana Podladchikova, as it turned out, studying the influence of solar activity on satellites, navigation systems and ground infrastructure, e.g. power lines.

– We have to normal-the weather forecasts do not come true, doubt – Medvedev said, – How do you predict space weather, with what accuracy and for how long?

And, thinking a little, he added: “There are predictions that the sun will go out. It’s what dwarf?”

Unexpected pessimism premiere knocked Ms. Podladchikova out of the rut. She stumbled, stopped, and hastened to assure that, while the sun and the white dwarf, but will go out soon, in a few billion years.

And in the meantime, has signaled another guest – a representative of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) Marina Raskova, Russia’s still time to learn from the exploration of space practical use. For example, to get rid of carbon dependency, it is possible not only through structural reforms of the economy, but mining on the moon of thermonuclear fuel – the isotope helium-3.

While such projects are developed in supervised by Ms. Raskova children’s parks. But in the long term, especially if to it to attract large corporations, can go into “adult life”. Activist ASI asked Medvedev to persuade state companies to mutually beneficial cooperation: “Let them give their case studies (about money speech did not go publicly, but why are we having a conversation?), and we are graduates with the relevant competencies”. This LADIES are right that not always children’s Hobbies become their future profession. And for clarity, gave the example of myself: went to the Palace of pioneers in the photography club, and the photographer did not. But overall, with the need to raise the scientific-technical elite “from the cradle” agreed, “You write, as we passed, the paper, and I’ll see.”

Other guest’s time is also not lost, and the tea party tried to solve the circuit with the Prime Minister pressing issues their organizations are good, all they are doing is important and useful for the country Affairs – from robotics to selection. Medvedev himself called on women not to be shy. “Men, coming here, doing exactly the same,” he cheered.

And in General March 8 is a day in the year when women can, if not understand, then at least to listen carefully…

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