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Media: Russian security services have compiled a list of “vulnerable” countries of Europe

СМИ: российские спецслужбы составили список "уязвимых" стран Европы

The Russian authorities intend to weaken the EU and used for this purpose, “propaganda and political influence”, according to German intelligence agencies.

According to the magazine Focus, the Russian security services about one year ago made a list of European countries sorted by how easy it is to influence their politics and society. However, Germany is in it in the middle.

In Berlin believe that against the backdrop of worsening the migration crisis in the country, the Kremlin believes its “more vulnerable, resulting in intensified their activities”. As an example, the scandal surrounding the alleged rape 13-year-old girl refugee.

Also the secret services of Germany expressed the view that Moscow has used former CIA employee Edward Snowden for propaganda purposes, writes Frankfurter Allgemeine. According to the Chairman of the Committee investigating NSA activities in Germany, the Bundestag Deputy Patrick Sensburg, Snowden’s stay in Russia is made “pleasant”, but his “kept on a short leash” and “he can do only what he’s told the Russian authorities”.

In addition, German intelligence services believe that Snowden took place in the Russian special services as an employee.

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