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Media: Putin instructed Medvedev to make life easier for owners of Parking spaces

СМИ: Путин поручил Медведеву облегчить жизнь владельцев парковочного места

President Vladimir Putin instructed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to prepare and submit to the state Duma a bill recognizing a Parking space in the buildings of the real property. About this newspaper”Vedomosti” with reference to the document.

The Ministry and the Federal registration service confirmed receipt of the order. The law should be adopted before 1 June.

According to the partner of “Pepelyaev of groups” Alexey Konevsky, a person can pay for a place for your car, but not always, he will be able to register the ownership of it: in some regions territorial bodies rosreestra register this right in others — only as a share in joint property, in others it is not recorded.

To sell a place, registered as a share in common property only with the consent of the other owners, reminded the expert of the centre for the protection of the business of Moscow Dmitry Volkov. In the Moscow region this complicates the sale of Parking spaces, domainprovider developer Urban Group. Problems with registration have an entire class of property — owners of small stationary outlets, such as boutiques in shopping malls, and owners of small areas in the administrative office centers.

The Ministry of economic development and Rosreestr has proposed to introduce a new type of real estate platform, i.e. not limited to a building structure part of the building intended for the Parking or placing of non-stationary objects. The draft law will allow to involve in civil turnover of non-insulated parts of buildings, to put them on the cadastral account and to register on their rights, said spokesman and added that at the end of April the project will be submitted to the government.

After the entry into force of the law will not apply for the allotment of rights, to register ownership of a specific object — a Parking place and part of the premises occupied by the trade object specified by the representative rosreestra. The turnover of these objects easier to sell, donate, transfer by inheritance, will not need to notify, as of now, all participants in shared ownership, this segment of the market will become more understandable and attractive for investment, said the service representative.

Meanwhile, Moscow has refused to provide the deputies of the state Duma of free Parking spaces in the centre of the capital.

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