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Maxim Shevchenko: Russia is not Europe”

Максим Шевченко: Россия - это не Европа"

The level of shock value views, the sharpness of judgment and not always accurate in their presentation of Maxim Shevchenko can compete with Alexander Prokhanov. He, of course, lacks metaphor and poetry as a senior fellow, his istuplenno and convinced of imperialism, but fierce defending their points of view, inability to hear and to listen to opponents – they are bright, but, alas, not the best trait.

Now Maxim Shevchenko on the horse: his admiration of the Middle East, ancient Muslim peoples are in demand in all media in connection with active actions of Russia in Syria, in the confrontation with Turkey. He’s one of those who is ready to shelter in our land “highly educated and highly cultured” Syrians (not noticing that they prefer secular Europe), to expose the attitudes and activities of NATO in this region.

To the roots, the roots

Her parents, Maxim Shevchenko, talks very sparingly. His father was a geologist in charge of reconnaissance parties in Siberia and in the North. By the nature of its activities, he was a man of few words, sharp, staunch in her position. With it Maxim Savenko was a classic conflict of generations: the father could not accept the spiritual throwing of the son, the issue on which he constantly was looking for an answer: “How to be?” does not tally with the usual Soviet “Whom to be?”. A great influence on the formation of the future journalist had a grandfather who taught him to read, to comprehend the surrounding reality, to reason.

As said Maxim Shevchenko, they finished the Moscow aviation Institute is to pay for something that he did not serve in the army. Do not look for this criminal implication. Shevchenko wanted to be in the “serious” airborne troops, was going to go volunteer in Afghanistan. However, the medical Board was adamant: the unhealed adolescent concussion backfired frequent dizziness, some stuttering, configured and Patriotic young man not much of anything but construction battalion. He chose a University with a military Department. But the second one (alas, unfinished) degree was obtained at the Institute of Asia and Africa (studied the Arabic language and culture), and they determined the direction of thinking, social activism, journalism Shevchenko. In Nezavisimaya Gazeta, he worked as a special correspondent in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Pakistan, Yugoslavia, Israel and Palestine.

He saw the suffering of the people, when Serbs and Albanians, Croats and Bosnians tried to destroy each other as degraded, abandoned by Soviet troops Afghanistan.

Special pain Maxim Shevchenko

In 2000 he founded the “Center for strategic studies of religion and politics in the modern world”.

With faith in life

Being a highly qualified specialist in the history and culture of Muslim countries, Maxim Shevchenko, however, devote much time working in Christian media: “the Messenger of Christian democracy”, the “Hard Sign”. Later he taught in the classical Orthodox school “Radonezh”. Talking about yourself, he fails to mention that journalism was taught by preacher Alexander Ogorodnikov Yelevich that he traveled to Russian monasteries in the Pskov-caves monastery in the temples of Tutaev.

Becoming the Executive editor application “NG-religion” to “the Independent newspaper” he did not seem to work as cultural project, tried to write about religion as about politics. He talked about Russian military cemeteries in the European countries: there are cared for by local residents bring flowers and candles. In Russia it is not customary to pay tribute to the 6 million lives that were ruined in the war, which became the last in the history of the great Russian Empire. And almost all of the cemetery there is an Orthodox Church there and to this day regularly sends service an Orthodox priest.

However, on the Internet periodically there are disputes about his belonging to the Christian faith. So, some time ago walked video of Maxim Shevchenko, at the funeral Dagestani journalist Hadzhimurat Kamalov is present (which in itself can only be welcome) together with Heydar Cemal and during his heartfelt farewell speech says the words “Allah Akbar!” and “Inshallah”, is clearly strange-sounding in the mouth of an Orthodox Christian.

A series of gossip and scandals

In 2011 against Maxim Shevchenko, against his cooperation with the Russian media was organized by the Russian Jewish Congress. The reason was the statement of the journalist about the attacks in Norway and Anders Breivik. Shevchenko called it “an extreme fan of Israeli policies (he shot people who had gathered in the camp in support of the Palestinian resistance)”. Passage against Israel, as a state, “the Policy of the state of Israel against the Palestinians… is largely reminiscent of Nazi policy in Germany against the Jews”, does not stand up to scrutiny.

Shortly before that Maxim Shevchenko has already had to apologize to the Ossetian people after their ill-conceived and disrespectful phrases about North and South Ossetia.

Maxim Shevchenko has repeatedly been criticized experts for their views on the Islamist movement Hamas, for his claim that Stalin’s repressions are grossly exaggerated, that during the Chechen war there has been no genocide of the Russian people.

Maxim Shevchenko is married to a journalist Hoping Kevorkova that at each opportunity underlines that she was Orthodox Christian. Kevorkova is working for “Russia Today”, for many years actively collaborated with application to “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” – “NG-Religion”. Specialization of professional activity – coverage of events in the religious environment of different world faiths. In the summer of 2015 she was among those who were on Board the vessel “Marianne”, which tried to deliver to Gaza the humanitarian aid and forwarded to the Israeli Navy to the Ashdod port.

Maxim Shevchenko in 2008 and 2010 he was a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, a member of the “Anti-orange Committee” (2012 in the period of protests “Against electoral fraud” were at a Pro-government rally at Poklonnaya hill), a permanent member of the Izborsk club (the community of experts of a conservative persuasion).

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