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Masculinity was called the cause of the short life

Мужественность назвали причиной короткой жизни

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Psychologists from Rutgers University found that courageous people are less likely to go to the doctor. Scientists believe that this is one of the reasons why men live less than women. Press release available on the official siteoverview.

The researchers found that men who have traditional notions of masculinity, tend to ignore health problems or to avoid going to the doctor, unlike women or men with wider views. However, they prefer the services of male physicians, believing them to be more competent than female doctors, and doctors don’t speak about your present health.

However, with medical women those men are more honest, because, as scientists believe, this is not gives them a feeling of loss of status.

Psychologists conducted an online survey of 250 men to ascertain their views about masculinity. Participants also indicated their preferences regarding the sex of the doctor. The researchers then gathered 250 other participants from a major University, asked them to fill out similar questionnaires, after which each of them participated in the conversation with the doctors — separately with men separately from woman.

In another study involving nearly two hundred students of both sexes and 298 men and women representing a random sample from the entire population of the United States. The overall result showed that people who consider themselves to be bold and independent, are less likely to seek medical help minimize their symptoms and, as a result, cause more damage to your health.

Earlier American sociologists found that, despite the fact that women live longer than men, their active life in old age was a few years shorter than men’s.

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