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Maidan 3.0 – all

Майдан 3.0 – всё

Another Maidan will not, no matter how sad it sounded. Although much hope to repeat it at anybody was not. The tents are dismantled, debris removed, and those who have already hastened to declare the ringleaders, driven to the resort in the Metropolitan detention center. Compactly La Comedy.

Non-faction people’s Deputy Borislav Birch was dubbed “the event of muddy roots”, he also said that Kiev is not the place for demonstrations. Although a couple of years ago it was all with accuracy Yes on the contrary. Maidan gathering was called by the will of the Ukrainian people, and it’s just a provocation.

On the other hand everything that happened in Kiev in recent times, an evidence that all events occurred in 2014 were deliberately rigged. It was not the will, is only paid by Americans campaign, which led eventually to the coup and the war in the Donbass.

To date, any actions, rallies and protests trying to crush in the Bud, because it is not profitable for the current criminal regime. They absolutely care what Ukrainians are not satisfied with the present life. Sheep submission is the most appropriate behavior for the current Ukraine.

This is not a real square, clamoring MPs, — sagashi firmly in the hands of their precious mandates, the riots and looting never was, ‘ they say.

But what about the House of trade unions, demolished the Lenin statue, the stadium “Dynamo”?

The list goes on, although it is unlikely it will help…

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