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Looking news programme

Глядя новостные программы

Watching news programs more and more convinced we live in Brussels.
Or, in Belgium.
In the extreme case – in the European Union.
All over the country.

Because for a long time already disappeared from the screens (clean!) the recent airplane crash in Rostov and killed our citizens.
As if there was nothing.

But Brussels… on all screens.

Fellow broadcasters, as well as Those Who Bid! 🙂

As mentioned in one old movie: “the interesting French French dead”.
Now, we live in Russia. Those of you who have forgotten what it is, remind.

This is a country that is not included in the European Union and which does not include Brussels.

Enough… put… us in brains, dear You are ours!

I love a United Europe, there are regularly, and even in his declining years, when she will become a European Caliphate, will continue there with a nice Italian beaches for Christians, in Protestant ghettos of Paris in blocks “white Berliners” and in those areas of Prague, where beer will be allowed. 🙂

But we live in Russia. In the country, which will NEVER be accepted in the European Union. In the country under pressure of sanctions – including the European Union.

And by acting with all due sympathy for the misfortunes and problems of our neighbors, do not make them the main plot of the TV screen. Even – and especially – to distract from our own troubles and problems.

They must be addressed. Normally, and tried the neighbors.

So looked, sighed, expressed sympathy for – and let’s focus on the country.

“Interesting the Russians live only Russians”.

Sergei Lukyanenko

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