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Liberal arts: a sexy ad in a Moscow theater.

Либеральное искусство: сексуальный ад в московских театрах.

To add to that, beautiful in its wholeness to the text only one: he with the utmost precision and objectivity confirms the old truth that the liberals support the arts, aimed at the destruction, the dehumanization of man, bringing it to an animal state and the exaltation in him, to the deprivation of any person’s creative abilities and turn it into a machine to satisfy the basest instincts, and not even his, and totalitarian “masters of life” at all levels – from Director to managers of global business. Modern liberals, unlike the days of Voltaire and Chaadaev, consistently, vigorously and imaginatively support the understanding of culture as an instrument for the destruction of the people and the sovereign individual, as a tool of totalitarian Erasure of humanity itself, in the interests of money and power, and irreconcilable, to destroy, as the Nazis against the Jews are against the understanding of culture as a tool of creation of the people and the development of personality. Of course, they are fighting to destruction and against all the bearers of this understanding of culture, it is easy to check by typing in the Internet search engine any swear word near the name, for example, the current Minister of culture of Russia.

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