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Leading “Svit neweport” struck a noble act

Ведущий «Світ навиворіт» поразил благородным поступкомDmitry Komarov asked him nothing to give for 33 years.

Recently we already wrote about the fact that Dmitry Komarov tries to save the life of the girl Kate Rychkova, which completely removed the intestines and it is treated in Italy. He admitted the help of Katya, Vladimir Zelensky and his family, met them in Venice. Vladimir and his wife gave for her treatment is 1000 euros, which has delighted fans of the show-Maine.

Today the host of the show “Svit neweport turned 33 years old and his birthday he has asked him nothing to give, and to transfer financial means to the account of Katya’s parents. Now, as he appealed to all: “Well, I jumped in the direction of their 34. meanwhile, the phone vibrates, not stopped. Already hot)) your Kind words in honor of the 33 figures is not the end. Thank you very much! Will justify your trust. Will not fail)) this year will make it very interesting and useful information. Such that you’ve never done before. Age after all is divine, we should enjoy the moment)) thanks again for the congratulations. And a small request for those who are planning me something physically to give, to send, send on birthday. I’d appreciate if instead of gifts you list their value to the parents of Katya Rychkova – girls, raising funds for the surgery for which I’m doing now. For me it is more important than gifts.”.

Fans of the TV presenter was struck by his noble wishes and congratulated on his birthday and wished to remain in the same kind of person he is.

Ведущий «Світ навиворіт» поразил благородным поступком

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