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The act of Vladimir Zelensky deserves praise

Поступок Владимира Зеленского заслуживает похвалыHost of the show “the World inside out” helps the girl with the remote intestine where attached and Vladimir Zelensky.

12-year-old Kate Rychkova can’t eat, like everyone else, because she completely removed the intestine and food she receives solely through an IV. This problem of a little girl caught Dmitry Komarov, who could not remain indifferent and tries to help the child and her parents. Host of “World neweport” now flew to Italy, where the treatment of Katya, as he immediately announced in the social network.

Also, Dmitry has shown a photo with Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Elena, which by happy coincidence was in Venice on vacation where Mosquitoes stopped to a walk after visiting the sick girl. The couple have earmarked a thousand euros for Katie, this leading “World inside out” wrote on Instagram: “Accidents are not accidental. The purpose of my trip to Italy – help Kate Rychkova. But on the way back I decided to briefly pop in to Venice, take a stroll. And for good reason. Met Vladimir Zelensky and his wife Lena and daughter Sasha. When Volodya with Lena found out why I came to Italy, immediately passed on the treatment of Katie Rychkova EUR 1000. They are also actively engaged in charity. Really love this family. Correct in all respects, the people with whom we want to emulate. Now without irony: if our country was ruled by people like Zelensky, would have fared quite differently. And the script “public Servants” had nothing to do with. Just a little of our time to those who are not indifferent to the lives of the people around. Few of those who are sincerely concerned for the unknown and really helps. Respect. Thank you.”.

The audience appreciated the act of the Vladimir Zelensky and Dmitry Komarov, who is not indifferent to the problems of children in need of assistance.

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