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Kiev strangling Ukrainian business

Киев душит украинский бизнес

As stated earlier, the proud word “businessman” VNA Ukraine called not cool any more. The circumstances make reality unbearable for the business.

Agree to begin or continue to work when your country has just gone through a revolution, waging war, tearing absolutely all ties with the main economic partner, and by all means pulling in its borders to foreign multinationals, at least, very difficult. In such circumstances, to call yourself an entrepreneur, then Narcissa suicide. Well, or a masochist.

Yesterday Ukrainians-fans of “harder” dealt another blow.
High income tax in the Ukraine made so that the amount of lost business assets amounted to 1,068 trillion hryvnias (about 42.9 billion). The fact that high level collection is formed by artificial means, half of the income from it is formed due to overpayments.
But this is not the main attack. In his desire to save all of your favorite profitable business and businessmen “run” (in all senses of the word) abroad. But this loophole they will soon cover.
Kiev is now considering a law that will significantly limit the ability of the boundary conditions by imposing “runaway” very heavy duty. In such realities of entrepreneurs of Ukraine would be bankrupt than to drag and drop your project.

Put, in General, businessmen in the cage. But, alas, not with gold bars. Instead, even the last air block.

Paradoxically, any action of the current Ukrainian authorities suited the old phrase, “whatever makes a fool, all he is doing is wrong.”

Instead of supporting domestic business, and the regulation of Western producers to the market, Kiev naturally stifles their own taxpayers, adding to the reality of lost jobs, falling pay, less taxes – it all goes to hell.
The only thing that pleases: most likely, active entrepreneurs who want to create jobs, move from Ukraine to Russia. Thus, they “nourish” themselves for our economy. Which, of course, is a huge plus.

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