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Justin Bieber was embarrassing during a concert

Джастин Бибер оконфузился во время концертаThe singer fell during a performance.

The last concert of the youth singer Justin Bieber at home in Canada ended in horrible embarrassment and the audience’s laughter.

But the catch was as follows. The whole world knows already what well-known youth canadian singer Justin Bieber always follows the fashion world, so now he wears clothes and, in particular pants, several sizes larger.

Moreover, this item of clothing from Bieber is so great, that with great difficulty rests on his hips. So, during the last concert of Justin in Canada what pants played a trick on him. They treacherously slipped from his ass on stage and Bieber had to pull on the eyes of the public. And after this operation the contractor had to fix the shirt that was tied in a knot at his waist. Thus, inducing Marafet and at the same time, playing the song he walked on stage to thunderous applause by fans did not notice that the stage is over! As a result, in front of thousands of audience, the young performer collapsed right under the stage… standing Ovation fans gave way to loud laughter…

Happiness Bieber, the stage was not very high, although the roar when it falls was quite loud. According to eyewitnesses, the contractor is almost not affected, so the event continued in full swing. Justin alone climbed back onto the stage and spoke about the incident one phrase: “Well, I’m like a cat, landed on his feet!”.

Add that to 22-year-old canadian singer is not the first flight under the stage. With Justin Bieber such embarrassments happen with surprising regularity. For example, in the speech in London, he lost consciousness and also fell off the stage. The same thing happened in Kansas, but then the singer is not very lucky – he pulled his left leg.

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