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Juncker spoke about the exit of Britain from the EU

Юнкер высказался по поводу выхода Британии из ЕСThe head of the European Commission declared that will fight for a United Europe “to the last breath”.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said at a meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron will ask him as soon as possible to clarify the situation with Brexit.

“We can’t stay long in uncertainty,” – said Juncker on Tuesday, June 28, in a speech in the European Parliament.

However, he stressed that negotiations on Brexit will not start until, while London does not submit a request for withdrawal from the EU. “No query, no negotiations,” he said.

Juncker, in his own words, he rebuked the European Commissioner to conduct any discussions with representatives of the UK until an official statement from London.

“I’m not tired and I’m not sick, as write German Newspapers. I will fight for Europe until the last breath,” said Juncker.

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