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Jesus loves Conchita Wurst?

Любит ли Иисус Кончиту Вурст?

Why the love of God cannot be distributed to Conchita Wurst and other similar characters, despite the fact that God loves each person, – explains Sergey khudiev.

Recently in one of the online discussion, the question arose “does Jesus Conchita Wurst?”. As we know from the Gospels that Jesus loved the outcast, those “decent society” of His time looked with disdain.
However, Conchita is hard to find Les Miserables – on the contrary, that the person adopted and glorified, exalted and rich, famous and adored. If anyone in this world and suffering from the rejection and harassment from the rich and powerful – it is definitely not Conchita.
But the question remains – does Jesus Conchita? And the answer is a resounding no.
Does not exist Conchita Wurst as a personality that anyone could love.
There is a stage persona created by a man, Tom Neuwirth, who, poor fellow, suffers from violation of gender identity and libido. (If it is not pure Commerce)
Tom Neuwirth loves God and seeks his salvation – that is lost and sick person, who under all these stupid makeup and outfits. Tom Neuwirth precious in the sight of God. Tom Neuwirth Christ died. For Conchita Wurst Christ did not die, because there is no Conchita. There is makeup, outfits and morbid perversion, which people have successfully benefits were monetised within a sick culture.
God does not love falsehood, forgery and lie.
Similarly, we might ask, does God love the addition of the Spanish king, whom in his delirium imagines himself to be Poprischin, hero of Gogol’s “Notes of a madman”. No; because in fact, Poprischin – no Spanish king.
Or, moving from single cases to mass madness, love does God of the Aryans? As Aryans – no, because not there is in reality no “Aryan race”, there are in reality people who committed the false and spiritually pernicious racist ideology. These poor, deluded and misguided people God loves and wants them to be saved and come to knowledge of the truth.
The problem we’re dealing with is the problem of false identity. Man needs to define his place in the world, their vocation, their relationships with other people, their commitment and their hope the answer to the questions “who am I?” “what am I doing here?”.
The true identity of man is defined through his relationship with God. God loves His creations – the people He created in His own image, which fell from Him in sin and whom He has redeemed in Jesus Christ.
Sin leads to the fact that people are running from their true identity, create a weird and spooky costumes for the mad masquerade, identify themselves with these suits and demand that God (and people) did the same.
But God does – just because He loves people. These – those that lurk there, in the depths, under the silly makeup or scary masks.
People crave love and acceptance – because we are all created to love and be loved. And the first thing that we do when we finally return to the Father’s house is washed and in clean clothes.
Pounds of plaster from our faces go in flush, suits – to the dump.
We – men and women, beloved of God – be real with our faces and clothes that we were given in my Father’s house.
Trace Macnutt, too, as Tom Neuwirth, pacing in a dress and horrible makeup, repent and turn to the Lord, and washed away all that horrible coloring.
Painted was of a human person – a person whom God loved, redeemed and ordained to life eternal and blessed.
In fact, the problem of the false identity is the problem of the fallen human race in General, the problem of all of us.
We all tend to answer the question “who am I?” is incorrect. And so we again and again need to return to our true identity creations, created in God’s image, fallen, redeemed in Jesus Christ and called to eternal life.

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