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Jamal was horrified public the new picture

Джамала ужаснула публику новой фотографиейThe winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2016 decided to use the mobile app for processing photos.

Over the last few weeks literally all the stars, both domestic and foreign, have tried to adjust their photos in the mobile app Prisma. Jamal did not lag behind their colleagues, as well as all socially active people, versed in the latest technology, and took a selfie, which has been edited in Prism. What happened, horrified fans of the singer.

The thing is that this app distorts reality, plus Jamal recently shared with subscribers the fact that brought the infection into the eye and is now actively treated. So the new “fashionable” selfie Ukrainian singer turned out not so successful as we would like.

Jamal signed his photo: “Kramatorsk, vzhe here! Zaspa for you on the World about 20.00. Ccau sustr!”. Today, literally an hour and a half, Jamal will give a free concert in Kramatorsk in honor of the second anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Russian fighters.

Джамала ужаснула публику новой фотографией

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