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Jamal on vacation stopped to paint

Джамала на отдыхе перестала краситьсяEurovision winner went to Dubai on a holiday.

The society has calmed down a lot of the discussion on the victory of the Ukrainian singer at the contest “Eurovision 2016”, so now she can with a clean heart to rest. Jamal chose Dubai, although right now it is very hot, but the temperature did not bother the singer and she upon arrival in this sultry Paradise have already shared new photos on Instagram.

The first thing Jamal took a picture of an empty beach and wished his fans a wonderful week, she’ll probably spend this week in Dubai. Then the singer took a selfie at the pool in sunglasses and a striped swimsuit, and then under that photo for a few hours almost 20 thousand likes.

A photo without makeup, Jamal shared a few hours ago, and no wonder, because her fans wrote her a lot of compliments. The natural beauty of the singer was struck by its subscribers, therefore, not about any criticism of Jamala could not be considered. Moreover, the winner of Eurovision as with makeup on, and without it, it looks great, young and attractive.

Джамала на отдыхе перестала краситься

Джамала на отдыхе перестала краситься

Джамала на отдыхе перестала краситься

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