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ISIL suffers from a shortage of money and cut salaries

ИГИЛ страдает от нехватки денег и урезает зарплаты

Fighters banned in Russia the terrorist group “Islamic state” reduce the salaries of the mercenaries.

As writes British newspaper the Telegraph, a number of factors are forcing ISIS to cut their costs. According to journalists, airstrikes that put ATT the Russian Federation and aircraft of the coalition, forcing the terrorists to cut costs. In addition, the militants began to reduce the salaries of the mercenaries due to low oil prices, the newspaper notes.

According to media reports, the ISIS militants ask the residents of the Syrian city of ar Raqqah, which is under their control, to pay for utilities and other services exclusively in us currency.

The leaders of the terrorists also have to cancel the honeymoon for the newlyweds and to refuse allowance on the birth of a child. In addition, soldiers now do not give out free chocolate bars and energy drinks.

Sources of the British newspaper claimed that the ISIS militants began to release prisoners who can pay for freedom $ 500.

Media noted that a similar situation exists in other cities, which are under the control of the “Islamic state”.

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