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Is there a conscience of the European Union?

Есть ли совесть у Евросоюза?

22 March 2016, the day of the vernal equinox, occurred a terrible explosion in Belgium, at the airport of the capital city and then the subway – so far 34 dead and more than two hundred mutilated. In this small country such attacks never were. Brussels is the capital of NATO and the European Union. Satan was aiming for the heart and brain of Europe and Romano-Germanic civilization. The author of the crime is not hidden, declared himself loudly and openly: ISIL or the Islamic state (a terrorist organisation, banned in Russia. – RNL). Or the Caliphate, conducting a family tree from the 7th century. The story seems to go back to 14 centuries ago.

Mourning not only in Western Europe. Mourning Russia: Belgian Embassy in Moscow filled with flowers and sad notes. The state Duma honors the memory of fallen for anything. Russian people are compassionate, no one in this moment not remember loop – the EU sanctions against Russia. And remember the promises of Brussels to extend sanctions forever, until, he says, Russia will not give Crimea “Ukraine”. And you know perfectly well that the Crimean Peninsula accidentally donated in 1954 the Communist party of Ukraine on the whim of a dictator-tyrant Nikita Khrushchev. But all and dear to the European Union and Barack Obama rocketmouse cheating, ardent accomplice to repression 30 – 40-ies and a rabid persecutor of Christianity.

Two years ago the Russian-speaking Crimea could not stand the nightmare of anti-Russian terror Bandera after violent coup in Kiev. The coup organized by the USA, the European Union and the Vatican. Lady Victoria Nuland handing out pies on Monday Papists on the Maidan. What has not imposed sanctions against the Nazi regime? And now shed crocodile tears: “Crimea”, “territorial integrity”, “sovereignty”. Yes, even urge the UN to gang up on Russia for “annexation” of its territory.

Meanwhile, Russia has six months ISIL, protecting including Belgium. But gratitude will not wait. Sanctions – in gratitude! Thank you.

Vladimir Osipov, a writer, a leader of the resistance Movement new world order

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