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Irina Prokhorova: I’d clean the school curricula of ideological discipline

Ирина Прохорова: я бы вычистила из школьной программы идеологические дисциплины

Somewhere about six months ago in the media flashed the idea that it would be nice for the elections of the President of Russia 2018 candidate to nominate Irina Prokhorov. She in an interview on the radio and in the Newspapers steadfastly refused to discuss the issue, joking, but every such conversation is becoming increasingly apparent that it would be a good option for Russia, which badly needs a dramatic transformation.

Purely humanitarian education and the way of thinking of Irina Prokhorova guarantee that any change will take place peacefully, not to ride on asphalt roller for the lives of millions of people.

On the other hand, it would be in trend of world tendencies of development. About the role in politics of Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde to speak of, hardly something will prevent to occupy the presidency Hillary Clinton, virtually decided that the next Secretary-General of the UN will become Queen. Should Russia once again to show his denseness? Women at the helm have always had a wholesome effect on foreign and domestic policy.

“It’s been forever, until the end”

Where in this sweet, impeccably mannered woman such persistent rejection of social injustice? Why she, who grew up in a prosperous Soviet family (his father is the head of the Department of international relations of the USSR state sports Committee, mom – scientist of the Moscow Institute of chemical engineering), began to actively participate with the political life of the country, long before her younger brother Mikhail Prokhorov has expressed a desire to leave business and enter politics?

That her paternal grandfather was dispossessed, Irina Prokhorova learned only after becoming an adult and independent person. It is not customary to devote to such family secrets children. Her grandmother, mom’s mom miraculously managed to avoid arrest: she was a microbiologist, and in the period when he announced the hunt on geneticists, sociologists, many of its academic environment, were expelled from the profession.

Children of parents raised in a free manner, almost not punished, but the inclinations and desires treated very carefully. This has allowed Irina Prokhorova successfully completed the philological faculty, defend the thesis on contemporary English literature, and her brother to get the diploma of Financial institution. During the study both first encountered banned literature.

A new, seemingly promising work, no joy: atmosphere of the magazine “Literary review” pressed on the young scientist. She could not understand why unquestionably talented authors cannot be printed, and mediocrity wander from room to room.

All issues and questions resolved themselves in August 1991. During the coup Irina Prokhorova all three days spent at the White house and not returned. With the financial support of her brother, and he has long had its own cooperative and held certain funds, she began to register a new journal. By the end of 1992 the first issue of “New literary review”,

“Nothing is lost, while society wants to be educated”

Irina Prokhorova is an idealist and believes that if people show you and tell you how to live right and beautiful, then that is exactly what they will do. Therefore, exclusively on its initiative brother created in 2004, the Charitable Foundation of cultural initiatives. At first its orbit was involved Krasnoyarsk region, where on a regular basis so far is Krasnoyarsk fair of book culture. Over time, philanthropic activities have extended to other remote regions of the country, and for each of them has developed a unique program based on local features. The Foundation is a General partner of several theatres, an orchestra under control of Michael Pletnev.

On the background of this almost idyllic, Irina Prokhorova unexpectedly became the star of the election campaign of his brother, who decided to change a successful business career on the vicissitudes of the political struggle and to run for President of Russia. With him she traveled the cities and villages of Russia, took part in the legendary debates between Mikhail Prokhorov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, during which the latter had managed to offend half the country, Alla Pugacheva with Leonid Yarmolnik in the bargain.

Someone who knows Irina Prokhorov perfectly understood why she refused to lead in 2012, the Public Council under the Ministry of culture of Russia, and in 2014 took off from itself powers of the Chairman of the party Civil platform because of the split over the annexation of Crimea.

“Killed half the country, and it doesn’t matter, because for all the great ideas”

At the same time in 2012 Irina Prokhorova became the channel of RBC-TV to conduct a continued transmission of “values” and on radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” – “the Culture of everyday life”.

She is often invited to different discussions, thematic programs of many radio channels. Prokhorov has a clear position regarding the inadmissibility of the revival of Stalinism in modern society, she believes that only a profound change in the Russian education system will allow children to become fully developed people, ready to solve unusual tasks. She is sure that Russia should be radically changed “Pantheon of heroes”, to replace the soldiers and commanders that have flooded the pages of Russian textbooks, came artists, composers and writers, men of science, intrepid travelers and athletes. Only a gradual “reeducation” people not to deify one person (king, Generalissimo, President), to honor the many country representatives who made an invaluable contribution to its development, in the Treasury of world culture, will help society to be free.

Irina Prokhorova believes that the desire of the country to go back to the Soviet Union is the fear of the unknown future to which the people are not ready. The power are those who at the time had just started his career: on the one hand, they are unable to realise themselves, to take up leadership positions, on the other hand, they managed to soak the fundamental principles of the then existing hierarchy, and mentally they have built into it. And now it’s time for the celebration, they realize that their youthful dreams, only in an exaggerated, ugly form.

Irina Prokhorov urged not to equate patriotism with allegiance to the chiefs of all levels, love to the Motherland with reverence the powers that be. “Love of country is what? To the authorities, or to the people, his people? This is not always the same.”

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