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Internet for starters

The correspondent “the Russian newspaper” has tried to live without money

Интернет на закуску
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Lower incomes make people think about the economy. Some are willing to give, others to take things, food, clothes. Free services are developed in Russia so allow some time to live without any money. Tested!

The Network is gaining popularity natural metabolism. For example, in the VC group “Aid for food” ready to do a manicure, typing and help in the repair for the “sweet” currency in the form of cakes, nuts, dried fruit, cheeses and sausages. I agreed to the correction of eyebrows for a jar of jam. However, most of the “inhabitants” of the group asks for as payment in-store products, which means they still have to buy for the money. However, this pot of jam I now not particularly needed. Once bought for the occasion.

Another thing foddering group, in which give it extra food. Wanting a lot. Latest ads in the “Give the gift of food” selling like hotcakes. The proposal to “save” lush scones in the pastry causes serious hype, the organizers of the group have to make a call “not to take!”. Give mainly cereals and sweets. Ideally with unopened packaging. Exotic foods, sauces, syrups considered acceptable to offer open box but complete. So to speak, “didn’t like”. Tried to offer a half-empty packaging, products in bulk (cereals, powdered in packets). Alas. Demand not use.

Update household chemicals and cosmetics without spending money, and when you test products. So on the website www.everydayme.ru have suggestions on the testing of shampoos, conditioners, creams and pads. Just wait for the next offer, fill out an application and look for your name in the participants list, then the mail will be sent with the test tool. For this I had to write to the organizers shares a detailed product review.

For testing we use the most quality products. So it is not surprising a large number of rave reviews. From pleasant bonuses – the shipment of the goods, the manufacturer assumes. Eager to be part of the freebies galore.

Easiest way for free to play sports, have fun or study. You can visit the most expensive fitness club

Those wishing to receive gifts and bonuses have long banded together in groups. Thus, the site Probe.ru participants gather information on gifts, free exchange of empty bottles of cream on new (and for sharing you can often get new items cosmetology). For the tea bag do not have to chase. He will come in the mail for free. But exchange empty jars of cream on a new collect in store is a great place. Party of such goods is limited, can stand for a few hours and leave empty-handed.

In our consumer age, with a huge amount of goods people are willing to leave without taking money: clothes, books, magazines, CDs. But any freebies has its drawbacks. Clothes are more willing to give children and seldom for one thing. In appendage to your favorite things you will receive a package of junk. Things are not handed out from the covers of magazines. So if you want to fashionable novelties, you should go to the party dress-crossing. It girls share clothes. All the things are selected by the organizers of such parties, worn and defective clothing is eliminated. Often set price category. To change clothes from the market at Dior will not work. To find information about events in social networks, for example, in the VC group “Exchange of clothing”. But come – it is necessary in advance, good things go quickly. Checked.

Интернет на закуску

Infographics WP/Maria Pakhmutova/Yulia Krivoshapko

For magazines and disks on the Internet not all worth it, though give them for free. In some houses the tenants organize the exchange of literature. I put in the entrance box with a call to exchange books and magazines. The next day it appeared “the School program in tables and graphs”, and then reading is easier for fashion magazines.

Those who do not want to spend money, difficult to have transport. On the Internet a lot of sites to find travel companions, but at my suggestion on BlaBlaCar to take me home no one responded. Probably because the route was in the city.

The most popular routes from the suburbs to the nearest metro. For example, from Lyubertsy to metro station “Novokosino” plucked five potential drivers willing to take me. True, not free. For short trip passengers pay the driver 50 roubles as the fee for petrol is the rule of the site.

Easiest way for free to play sports, have fun and learn. For example, it is possible to visit even the most expensive fitness club. Most of them offer annual membership. Before that, the client offered to take the first free lesson to evaluate the club. To buy an annual subscription then don’t force anyone. Some of the most zealous “freeloaders” are passed to clubs and do free. The same test classes are conducted by yoga and dance.

Regular free yoga sessions conducted by the clubs that are engaged in the popularization of Eastern culture. For example, Korean School “Won Gwang” conducts free yoga and meditation sessions on Sundays, and Cultural center. Jawaharlal Nehru at the Indian Embassy in Moscow takes a nominal fee of 800 rubles a month. In other centers this money is not enough for some classes.

For free you can learn most languages. The Russian-German house holds free classes of German. For those who have no German roots, the quota is 10 percent. German, French and Italian can be studied in the courses of the Franco-German auditorium. Free courses can get the owners of the library card, the ticket costs 1000 rubles per year. Also in Moscow, embassies and cultural centres of different countries are free courses Hindi, Korean and Japanese languages.

Free work and many museums of Moscow. For example, “the Bulgakov house” (Bolshaya Sadovaya str., 10), national Museum of history of Moscow metro (Khamovnichesky Val, 36), the water Museum. And on the third Sunday of the month free open most of the museums of the capital, without money, you can even get to the Tretyakov gallery.

The culture of free distribution of unnecessary things is in Russia on a high level. But there is still something to strive for. For example, in Europe, developed the services of the lease of things. You can take a couple of hours, equipment, sportswear, sports equipment. And to pay for it is not necessary. The master of such things just glad that his property does not lie idle, but to serve the people.

Money can’t buy happiness?

Elvira de La Gardie, the psychotherapist:

Money cause we have a lot of emotions and feelings. People are afraid and ashamed to take things, to accept help without paying for it. People are willing to remain poor, but proud.

To separate feelings from themselves money, there is an exercise to spend the whole day or even a weekend without money. Leave your wallet at home and Bank cards. Time well, have fun, have fun. This will allow you to see that life doesn’t stop when the purse is empty.

From experience, there is a huge number of people who are willing to help. If you need somewhere to take the subway, you can stand at the turnstile, ask: “take me, I have no money”. There is always someone who do not mind trip who have unlimited subscription or just a lot of travel on the map.

This exercise teaches you many things: to request, to negotiate with people. It is so hard to do it in real life. And it opens new opportunities. They cease to be afraid to ask others for help, to show weakness.

This experience makes it easier to earn there is no fear to ask for a raise, the money in General, more confident feel, to know that in any situation there will be people who will come to the rescue.

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