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“Integrity,” U.S. sanctions on Russia

United States of America in its anti-Russian sanctions have already reached such a degree of madness that finished their “sixes” around the world who are not able to influence Russia in economic terms, be prohibited to look in her direction…

As for myself, here America is conducting a sober and balanced policy – imposed sanctions against Russia should not in any way interfere with American national interests.

Want an example? Please.

After joining (or US version, annexation) of Crimea, Congress has banned the use of rocket engines produced in Russia after 2019.

Note HOW SUBTLY it’s fine: engines manufactured before 2019 CAN be bought from Russia, and starting from 2019.

Why is it so? Damn, that was a mix for US – they have no own engines similar to the RD-180, so they were given some head start time to have time to create your own, but it does not harm its space programme.

 «Принципиальность» США в отношении санкций к России

RD-180: toy, of which the U.S. is not, and is not expected yet, the price to 15 million dollars apiece

By the way, in Bulgaria, of which the United States banned the building together with the Russian “South stream”, has no gas fields (as in the US they need rocket engines), but no temporary handicap “brothers” is not received: they just took the eggs and ordered them to cover the project, despite the costs already incurred and loss of profit potential, it is possible to Jupiter, his slaves prohibited in the categorical form…

When Americans once again everything considered (and consider they are able), we learned a very unpleasant truth: in the next six years they desperately need EIGHTEEN MISSILE RD-180 ENGINES for launching their military satellites.

And where to take them if in any case, by 2019, produce their own they are unable? Besides, if they stupidly follow the decision of their Congress to end the purchases of Russian rocket engines from 2019, it will lead to unnecessary remake of “space cake”: the bankruptcy of the company United Launch Alliance, while the other company SpaceX monopolize the field.

And then sneaky Americans come up with a TRANSITIONAL SOLUTION: they extend the authorization for the purchase of Russian engines for a further three years, limiting their number – NO MORE than EIGHTEEN.

In this case earlier than six years, American companies get to own the engine will fail. Therefore, as noted by one of the NASA experts, “in this period of transition we are quite sure that we need the RD-180. Not more than 18, but that is our position”.

How beautiful it sounds “this is our position”!

However, if Americans in six years will not be able to complete the development of its own rocket engine, they, without further ADO, will continue to delay sanctions against Russia in this area. And will continue such policy adjusted until then, until one hundred percent that the more they Russian RD-180 is not needed.

And that’s only if Washington show their adherence to PRINCIPLES – get the Russia sanctions THAT WE NO longer NEED!

I’m simply shocked by the leniency of the Russian leadership on this issue – why can’t they just ban the sale of RD-180 Americans?

Such “softness” is to be invoked only one in Russia sure sure that Americans in the next six years, and even sixty years cannot work they need rocket engines…

So pay, to get, to 15 million dollars apiece and fly into space yourself to health is not a Ukrainian junk that constantly explodes.

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