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In winter, Vahe

Winter Vahe excellent bite roach, or as it is otherwise called — roach (Bursch). And, in my experience and according to the information of old residents, from under the ice often catches bigger fish than autumn and summer. Arriving in this region in the summer of 2008, bought a house, I decided to live there and only recently moved back to St. Petersburg.

The climate in Verhovazie the village, the district center of Vologda oblast, in the winter is quite harsh, and not easy to get here. On the other hand, Waga almost the only large river, connecting Vologda and Arkhangelsk region, she is a distant tributary of the Dvina. These circumstances consists in a single chain and make the place extremely attractive for fishing enthusiasts, both summer and winter. Verhovazie is a unique place. Beautiful views, unspoilt by progress, it is possible to contemplate almost everywhere. The district centre has only 14 000 inhabitants together with all the villages in the district, the population density is very low. But a lot of fish.

My experience living in these places, of course, was ice fishing. For such fishing is enough float rods with a set of jigs and hooks. Short spinning few local purchases in the store, often doing themselves out of a suitable plastic or wood, a length of 70-80 cm With him complement the other simple elements, which have yet to go to the shop — coil, float load capacity of 0.5-4 g, line 0,14-0,2 and a variety of hooks, mostly long, No. 18-14. But the specialty equipment for winter fishing on Vahe more than just relates to a fishing box and drill than others.

Snap-in float fishing rods the load is set at about 15 cm from the hook, and the descent is done such that the nozzle was in the day but didn’t lay down on it. The best way to catch a big fish: the bait should be, as far as width of the hole, near the place where fish stays. Is bottom common method of ice fishing on Vahe.

A few words about the float. When biting roach is rare when he is completely hidden under water, if to take into account the installation of bottom gear. Mostly local roach or raises the float, or doing a few small clamps, or leads away at an angle in the direction. Therefore now more likely to use sensitive nod or a pointer on the short end of spinning.

Special conversation about what place to choose for fishing. As the river Vaga has a small width up to 100 meters — the highest results in the winter here show the old-timers and those who live here year-round, not summer residents, nathusii on occasion. At first I did not locate good places and experience came only a year later. He suggests that we need to catch here on the borders of holes and underwater slopes where close. Here is winter roach. Especially promising for ice fishing on Vahe underwater slopes. Here you can find not only roach but also bream and IDE.

So, in the winter of roaches, or soroku, Vahe catch. Primeryayut depth, then lower the nozzle about polody. Waiting for the bite for a few minutes. If not, then still go the fishing line. These movements stimulate not only roaches, but also predatory sunfish are also many. But mostly only the location of the nozzle near the bottom gives you the opportunity to catch large (500-600 g) roach. Sometimes, on the situation, it also makes sense to move the sinker away from the hook with the bait and thereby increase the leash up to 40 cm. This creates a slow, and therefore natural for the fish drop the bait down, and roach reacts to it.

As bait you can use white and pink colored maggots and bits of red worms, intricately strung on the hook. Winter should be very moderately used bait for roach, it is better to spend the time and find a good place with natural fish. Generally speaking, proper complementary feeding is half the battle. You should try to create a hole under the column of small particles of food. Bloodworms or other “industrial” bait, produced by hand in small, with a diameter of 2 cm, but crumbling easily in cold water balls, should throw in the hole through some time intervals. And, of course, will not prevent to aromatize the bait. Like fragrance on Vahe works effectively anise oil.

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