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In Tver for illegal banking activities detained six Islamists

В Твери за незаконную банковскую деятельность задержано шестеро исламистов

In Tver employees of the main Directorate of economic security and counteraction of corruption (Guebipk) interior Ministry and local police solved the grouping consisting of natives of Chechnya and Russians, who converted to Islam. According to investigators, in three years they cashed out more than 5 billion rubles. When the SWAT team tried to enter the door of the apartment where he was hiding the leader of the group, the one trying to impersonate another person had a beard.

In a course quickly-investigative actions it was established that the illegal cashing in by participants of criminal group was engaged in 2013. In Tver the attackers opened multiple offices, working under the guise of law and consulting firms. In illegal activity involved more than 150 fictitious companies, on account of whom from businessmen from the Central Federal district and North Caucasus received money under the guise of payment for goods or services. Thus, during the three years of the alleged perpetrators cashed more than 5 billion rubles For their services, they took an average of 5%, earning about 250 mln. However, in the case mentioned until the income of 23 million rubles, which law enforcement officials documented.

The organizers of a criminal scheme investigation said 27-year-old ethnic Chechen Sula Umarkhadzhiev and 34-year-old tverichanka Victor Bakhtin, a few years ago who converted to Islam. They, as well as about a dozen participants obalnog site was part of the local Chechen Diaspora. As they say law enforcement officials, in Tver, they were considered highly reputable businessmen with ties to security forces in the North Caucasus. This was evidenced and photos in social networks, in which they posed with weapons in hand.

However, when it came to detentions, steep absalikov seemed to have changed. Sulim Umarkhadzhiev, upon learning of the outbreak in the offices of the companies he controlled the searches, he immediately became a fugitive. However, to leave the Tver he could not (the exits were blocked by the police), so hid at the friend. While the SWAT team was crammed into this apartment, Sulim Umarkhadzhiev hastily shaved off his beard. When officers entered the room, a Chechen called an assumed name, saying that he’s a migrant worker from Uzbekistan who came to Tver to work. However, to deceive the police, he failed. Another participant of this criminal group managed to hide in the apartment of his girlfriend. There he locked himself in the bathroom, where he had to pull the power.

All employees Quebec together with the Tver colleagues have conducted more than 20 searches in apartments and offices of the defendants. The result was withdrawn 110 seals of fictitious firms, fake print of the tax authorities and notaries of Moscow, Yaroslavl and Tver, as well as the machine to manufacture them.

During these events, were detained six people, including the organizers. In respect of the investigation Department UMVD of Russia across the Tver region criminal case under part 2 of article 172 (illegal banking activity) and part 2 of article 187 (illegal circulation of means of payments) of the criminal code. By request of the investigation of Victor Bakhtin, Sula Umarkhadzhiev and one of their alleged accomplice of Moscow city court took into custody. Three more defendants a preventive measure in the form of house arrest.

Now all the suspects actively cooperate with the investigation, giving evidences about analnom business. However, according to “Kommersant”, they are going to check and on participation in extremist activities.

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