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In the Yaroslavl region built a bridge for 56 million to a standstill

В Ярославской области построили мост за 56 млн в тупик

In the Yaroslavl region for 56 million rubles, built a bridge leading to a deadlock. Now the activists of the Russian popular front asked the regional government to justify the feasibility of such a project.

The bridge cost more than 56 million rubles was built near the village of Potapkina Uglich district. The bridge, as it turned out, leads to a village inhabited by about ten people. But outside the village there is nothing but forest.

According to activists, in this village it would be better to build a cheaper bridge, and the released means to direct on a much more important social issues.

Earlier, residents Potapkina used a wooden bridge, which in 2013 have been washed away by floods. After that, in 2015, next to the village through Ulama and built a new concrete bridge. The work was carried out in the framework of the regional target program “Development of the road network of the Yaroslavl region”.

Onf experts believe that spending on the construction of the bridge is extremely impractical. But because it’s time to raise the question of rational distribution of budgetary funds in the Yaroslavl region. For example, where it is more important to channel funds for the construction of a full hospital emergency or the development of material and technical base of children’s health camps.

Thus the Deputy of the state Duma Alexander Vasilyev added that the guarantee of the road in the Yaroslavl region are among the worst in the country.

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