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In the United States called the worst city to live in

В США назвали худший город для жизниLife in Miami was not too “Sunny”.

Miami, Florida named the worst accommodations city in the United States.

The settlement took first place in the ranking of the authorship team of researchers 24/7 Wall St published on the newspaper’s website.

The coastal city is the average cost of housing in 245 thousand dollars, which is much higher than the national average value for 181 thousand dollars. The income in Miami, on the contrary, below average, and amounts to 32 thousand dollars each household per year.

Below the poverty line in Miami live 26,2% of the population, and only 23.6% of the population have at least a bachelor’s degree. The average income of 1% of the population of this city in Florida is 45 times higher than the average income of the remaining 99%.

The three leaders also turned out to be emerging from the financial collapse of Detroit in Michigan and Paterson, new Jersey.

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