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In the UK migrants are “under the hood”

В Великобритании мигранты оказываются "под  колпаком"

Migrants wishing to settle in the UK, on arrival in the United Kingdom’s “under the hood”. According to the newspaper The Independent, staff Management, border control and immigration in 2013 are entitled to hack their phones and computers, but also set up the tap in their homes (including the centers) and vehicles.

This is done to identify potential terrorists and to investigate and prevent serious crimes. Doing such a specific activity of 700 employees of the office.

And although the intentions of the authorities were the good information about these methods caused dissatisfaction in the UK. The newspaper notes that terrorists use WhatsApp, sent it with a message is encrypted and cannot be read. Wiretapping of phones is a violation of migrants ‘ rights to privacy, confidentiality and security of any personal information, including about family violence.

The Independent believes the improper deprivation of the right to privacy under the guise of public safety if the investigation of criminal activities. Of course, you need to be able to separate refugees fleeing from war and violence, from economic migrants, but this should be done in an open and transparent manner.

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