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In the UK, did McLaren Speedtail from thousands of items

В Великобритании сделали McLaren Speedtail из тысячи деталей

Is the number of elements required to build the car in scale 1:8. Assembly engaged the company of the UK Amalgam Collection.

The company specializiruetsya in the production of scale models of cars with high level of detail. So, the price tag of such cars can reach very large values. Also a big cost models are explained separately in the video.

The car shown in the video, will cost about 15 thousand dollars. In terms of rubles, this amount will be about 1 million. With thousands of items were created, all systems of the car, including interiors, braking system, wheels, and much more.

Such precision in the creation of the machine is ensured by the fact that the company actively cooperates with the carmaker McLaren. The engineers of the brand has shared with the British drawings of the vehicle and intricacies of the production.


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