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In the U.S. approved the right of the Church to use weapons

В США одобрили право церкви применять оружие

The state of Mississippi (USA) supported the bill, according to which the clergy can in self-defense to use firearms. However, they will not incur any liability for injury offenders.

This is due to the fact that last year the Church in Charleston (South Carolina) the offender shot and killed nine people, including the pastor. The Ministers of the Church will be able to choose from the clergy people wanting to protect the Church. These volunteers will be like a special training course to learn how to handle weapons.

If the law will take effect, Mississippi will become the ninth state where you can concealed without a license to carry a weapon. Recently in the USA, the cases that result from the use of weapons, they were killed. Residents demanded to toughen control over arms trade. But American congressmen have come out against efforts to tighten control over the circulation of firearms in the country.

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