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In the name of bacon, Yahweh and the Holy Maradona

Во имя бекона, Яхве и святого Марадоны

The most exotic of religion: six unusual recipes opium of the people

29 February 2016, the Ministry of internal Affairs of New Zealand were allowed to perform a wedding ceremony in the Church of the Flying spaghetti Monster and gave religious organizations a license. Thus, the authorities acknowledged Pastafarians the Church held religious establishment.

Although Moses warned the chosen people from the creation of idols, people still violate this commandment. Someone is praying food, someone worships famous public figures. Some do it seriously, others make fun of the conformity and absurdity of blind faith in unprovable. “Ribbon.ru” has decided to understand in the most extravagant confessions.

Spaghetti head

In 2005, the American Bobby Henderson in protest against the decision of the Department of education of the state of Kansas requiring to enter into the school course the concept of “intelligent design” as an alternative to evolutionary theory, decided to reform. In an open letter on his web site he described in detail the concept of belief in a supernatural Creator, like pasta and meatballs — Flying spaghetti Monster.

The first followers of rastafarianstva declared pirates. For the wedding ceremony the ceremony will definitely come in handy a few swords, some noodles and spaghetti. Themselves followers of the pasta of faith refer to it with admirable humor.

Full set

Lovers to eat and to praise the Creator has not spared Russia. In July 2013 it was a registered religious Association “Russian pastafarians the Church” (ROC). The Church is fully equipped: congregation, bishops and even Patriarch, calling himself Kama Pasta I.

“We have not set any specific rituals that the laity must follow. Important for us is the acceptance of eight commandments, “you Better do this” and life in accordance with them. Each pastafarians can conduct their own ceremonies and to offer their Church, and we through our website share them with the flock. For example, we were recently approached by the couple to conduct a marriage ceremony pastafarianism. We are currently developing it along with the congregation,” he said in an interview with “the Ribbon.ru” Kama Pasta I.

The second Patriarch the ROC took his religious name Husam Second Paste (or just Hu). The third Patriarcha in November 2014 appointed Pure Paste Third. But to become a Bishop, must successfully complete catechesis, to prove knowledge of the Canon and the ability to spread the word macaroni neophytes. So everybody has a chance.

Во имя бекона, Яхве и святого Марадоны

Andrey Filin

Photo: @Barsyaka1

Famous Moscow pastafarians Andrei Filin said that was right, which he photographed in knitted colander, 9 January. Thus, according to him, he has demonstrated that he is a follower of rastafarianstva. He also said that he was going to be photographed with a colander on international law, but the subject will be this time either metal or plastic.

Diego scored! Amen!

In the 38th birthday of the legendary Argentine striker Diego Maradona, 30 October 1998, in the city of Rosario opened a Church in his honor. The main tenets: Maradona is the best footballer of all times and peoples.

Во имя бекона, Яхве и святого Марадоны

Photo: rakuten.com

The idea of creating a football of faith came up with 33-year-old Argentines Alejandro Verona and Hernán Ames in 1986. Just then their idol has led the national team to victory in the world Cup. “I’m Catholic, but also a religion that has captured my heart, became my passion. And that’s Diego Maradona,” Verone explained. Now he has thousands of followers around the world.

The 10 commandments of the Church of Diego Maradona:

1) the Ball must remain pure.
2) Love soccer more than anything.
3) Publicly announce your unconditional love for Maradona and the beauty of football.
4) Protect the form of the national team of Argentina.
5) Everywhere to spread knowledge about the wonder of Diego.
6) Honour the temples in which he played, and sacred form.
7) do Not proclaim Diego a member of any football team.
8) Preach the principles of the Church of Maradona.
9) Take “Diego” is his middle name.
10) name his Firstborn Diego.

The Prince of the tribe

The citizens of the state of Vanuatu, located in the archipelago in the South Pacific ocean East of Australia, worship the 94-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth. Tribe Yaohnanen believes that Prince Philip is the son of an ancient spirit who lived in the mountains on the island of Tanna.

In 1971 he visited the Islands (they were then a British colony) and has caused local Association with a hero of a local legend about a brave husband who committed long journey in search of his wife. Although Vanuatu gained independence in 1980, the cult of royalty continues to thrive.

The British Royal family is known about the beliefs of distant people. Portraits of Philip available to the tribe, sent to the island with the permission of the Prince. Another relic — letters from Buckingham Palace, which, however, suffered greatly from damp and mice.

Во имя бекона, Яхве и святого Марадоны

Photo: Roman Kalyakin / Corbis

One of the leaders of the tribe of the Naive Jack offered his idol to visit their country, but did not fail to notice that you will be satisfied and some gift: rice, money or Land Rover.

The Church of bacon

In Las Vegas settled another unusual Church, about 12 thousand followers which adore bacon.

There are no priests, clear hierarchy and rituals, and bacon used as a way of illustrating the absurdity of any religion.

The influx of followers is on the decline due to the fact that the Church is not satisfied with the free religious weddings, baptisms and funerals. Mostly in Las Vegas. The Church advertises itself on billboards.

It all started in 2010, when leading Comedy programs Penn’s Sunday School pan Jillette (Penn Jillette) came up with the idea to create officially registered the Church with a funny name, and then to demand for her the same rights as other religions (for example, to build buildings of worship and hold Church services).

Limited creativity

The Church of creativity preaches white supremacy and is based in the U.S. state of Illinois. Its founder and mastermind Ben Klassen preached since 1973. Despite the word “Church” is an atheistic doctrine that denies any intangible phenomena.

After the death of Klassen in 1993, the Church virtually ceased to exist. She was revived after three years thanks to the efforts of Matthew F. Hale, the Supreme Bishop of the Church. However, in 2003 he was imprisoned for murder.

The idea of Klassen shared by two separate organizations: the “Creative movement” and “Creative Alliance” (Church of creativity). Both spend four rite-sacraments: wedding ceremony, for children, novices and funerals.

American legal and the human rights organization Southern Poverty Law Center considers a neo-Nazi movement.

Requiring repatriation

As if in answer to Creativity arose the religion of the Nation of Yahweh. Established in Miami in 1979 by Hulon Mitchell mostly African-American, the organization announced a goal to return his followers, who consider themselves to be black Jews in Israel.

The Church are Christianity and Judaism, and the role of the messenger of God appeared Mitchell, Velichovky himself Yahweh Ben Yahweh. He called the representatives of the European race “white devils” and said that originally the Jews had dark skin.

Organization Southern Poverty Law Center also accused the Church of racism.

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