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In the mountains of Nepal went missing passenger plane

В горах Непала пропал пассажирский самолет

Disturbing news circulated today Western news agencies — with radar in the mountains of Nepal have disappeared the plane with 21 passengers on Board.

According to the media, referring to the words of a local official, aerosun small size of the airline is owned by Tara Airlines.

“The passenger plane disappeared on Wednesday morning, February 24. On Board the aircraft were 21 people: 18 passengers and three crew members,” reports the associated Press.

Later information on the number of people onboard was confirmed by a representative Tara Airlines Bhim Raj Rai. Bypassing this, he told reporters about the route followed by the aircraft. the representative of the airport in Pokharae Yogendra of Kuvera, noted that communications with the pilots of the ship, was lost almost immediately after takeoff.

“The plane took off from Pokhara to Jomsom this morning, he lost contact,” said Rai in comments to Agence France-Presse.

As the edition underlines, on the route of the plane there is no airstrip. At the moment, the search plane was sent two helicopters, but their work is greatly complicated by bad weather conditions.

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